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Yuvan Shankar Raja joins Atharvaa Murali starrer Kurudhi Aattam

Everything involving Atharvaa Murali starrer Kurudhi Aattam has been sending forth a streak of sparkling sensations. The announcements came unheralded about Atharvaa...


Pyaar Prema Kadhal Film Review

மிடில் கிளாஸ் பையன் ஹரீஷ் கல்யாண்.. அம்மா இல்லாத, அப்பா...


The cupid arrow strikes hard in the box office

Tamil film industry had seen many success stories of a David unseating Goliath in the box office. The latest success story  has love all over it.  On the dot, Pyaar...


Anbe Anbin – Lyrical Video

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Lots of colours, splashes of love, plethora of musical amusements and what else? Pyaar Prema Kadhal has left everyone immersed in mesmerised moments. Long time since a ...

Vanjagar-Ulagam-3 (1)

Vanjagar Ulagam Press Release

Bliss overloaded for the charmer of this season. Sam CS has concurrently got himself riding high on acclaims for his constant success. But what seems to be his not...


Track list of “Pyaar Prema Kaadhal”

sema-botha-aagatha-review (1)

Sema Bodha Agatha Film Review

பாணா காத்தாடி மூலம் அறிமுகமாகிய பத்ரி வெங்கடேஷ், அதர்வா...


Peranbu – Official Teaser 2

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green apple (1)

Yuvan Shankar Raja Launch in Green Apple Productions Photos

Pyaar Prema Kadhal Movie (1)

Pyaar Prema Kadhal Movie Press Release

After getting ‘High on Love’, it’s time to get doped in extreme indulgence of romance. Yes, when you’ve the musical dope from the stores of Yuvan Shankar Raja,...

PeiPasi Movie (1)

PeiPasi Movie Press Release

YSR the new age King of music and Undoubtedly the best BGM Master after having his latest big hit single track released from his own production pyar prema kadhal is...

Irumbu Thirai Movie (37)

Irumbu Thirai Movie Celebrity Show Stills

Irumbu Thirai Movie

Irumbu Thirai Movie Review

இன்றைய ஸ்மார்ட் போன் யுகத்தில் ஒவ்வொரு மனிதனின் பணமும்...

Semma Botha Aagathey Trailer1

Semma Botha Aagathey Movie Official Trailer Released

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Raja Ranguski

Raja Ranguski Movie Official Teaser Released

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Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2)

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Movie Press Release

When you find three languages for a single word as a title , that film automatically gets the visa  to cross the linguistic borders. Pyaar Prema Kaadhal starring Harish...

Raja Ranguski Movie

Naa Yaarunu Theriyuma Single Track From Raja Ranguski Movie

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