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Kolaikaran Film Press Release


Alaudhinin Arputha Camera (4)

Team Alaudhinin Arputha Camera celebrates Vijay Antony birthday by launching AACPilot Teaser

Kolaigaran Movie (29)

Kolaigaran Movie Cast & Crew Details

KOLAIGARAN Production Production                 –          Diya Movies...

Kolaigaran Movie (30)

Kolaigaran Movie Pooja Event Stills

Kaali Movie

Kaali Movie Review

வித்தியாசமான படங்களாக தேர்ந்தெடுத்து நடித்து வருகிறார்...

Kaali (1)

Kaali Movie Press Release

Certain top charters elevate the status of the concerned artiste to an abnormal level. The song “Arumbey” from the film “Kaali” which has gone...

Kaali Movie (65)

Kaali Movie Press Meet Stills

Kaali Movie (9)

Kaali Movie Cast & Crew Details

Kaali Movie (14)

Kaali Movie Latest Stills

Kaali (2)

Kaali Movie Press Release

Beyond talents and potentials, there is charisma that instantly lets everyone fall in love or enchanted with. Such illustrations are off rarity and Amritha distinctly...

Kaali - Official Trailer

Kaali Movie Official Trailer Released

<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”” frameborder=”0″...

Thimir Pudichavan Movie (2)

Thimir Pudichavan Movie Press Release

Vijay Antony has been an incessant sailor capturing new destinations with inmost fascination. His journey embarked on with musical charms gained him incredible laurels....

Thimirupudichavan Movie (1)

Thimirupudichavan Movie First Look Poster Released

Kaali Movie (1)

Kaali Movie Press Release

‘Kaali’ starring Vijay Antony and directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi is one of the most awaited projects of this year. The shooting of this action drama was happening...

Kaali Movie

Kaali Movie Press Release

‘Out of the box thinking’ and ‘Innovation’ are the terms which are always associated with Vijay Antony’s movies. His upcoming movie ‘Kaali’ directed by...

Kaali Movie (3)

Kaali Movie Press Release

‘Kaali’ starring Vijay Antony, Anjali and Sunaina is directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi. The movie’s first look and latest poster which was released a couple of...

Annadurai Movie

Annadurai Movie Review

விஜய் ஆண்டனி மீண்டும் இரட்டை வேடத்தில் நடித்துள்ள படம் தான்...

Annadurai Movie (49)

Annadurai Movie Press Release

‘Content is the king’ and ‘Marketing is the queen’ . This is a well known mantra to success in cinema. One person who has understood this very clearly and...