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Record break by screen play writer

HTML clipboard Guinness Record Breaker Suresh Joachim has once again entered the Guinness Book of records by completing a film a Tamil film titled Sivapu Malai in 12...

Sivapu Malai to be released in 23 countries

HTML clipboard Sivapu Malai will be released in 23 countries. While speaking about this the Producer and hero of this film Suresh Joachim said,” I have to cross so...

Guinness Record – Very Soon to Hit Screens

HTML clipboard Finally, Suresh Joachim will set the record of having completed a feature film within 12 days. The smart young lad has already achieved various records in...

Suresh Joachim Movie for Guinness Record – Gallery

Suresh Joachim’s Movie Launch – Gallery

Guinness Records Holder Suresh Joachim’s Movie Launch – Videos

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A Tamil film in 12 days

Suresh Joachim from Toronto who has 53 Guinness world records already under his belt will be shortly in India to make a Tamil film in just 12 days. He will be the hero...