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Priyanka Chopra’s Baywatch to be released in Tamil

Baywatch, which will mark the Hollywood debut of one of India’s leading actresses, Priyanka Chopra, is to be dubbed and released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi as well...

Priyanka Chopra (3) Cropped

Actress Priyanka Chopra Hot Stills

Priyanka Chopra (2) Cropped

Actress Priyanka Chopra Hot Stills

Priyanka Chopra (1)_1

Actress Priyanka Chopra Hot Stills


Priyanka Chopra Accepted Modi Offer

சுத்தமான இந்தியா உருவாக்க பிரதமர் மோடி விடுத்த அழைப்பை இந்தி...


Priyanka Chopra to act in Kiranbedi Role

பெண் போலீஸ் அதிகாரி கிரண்பெடி வாழ்க்கை கதை சினிமா படமாகிறது....


Life film against Priyanka Chopra notice to producer

    தனது வாழ்க்கை கதையை படமாக எடுப்பதற்கு பிரியங்கா சோப்ரா...

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra to Pairs Up with Vijay

  ‘ஜில்லா’ ரிலீசுக்கு பின் ஏ.ஆர்.முருகதாஸ் இயக்கும் படத்தில்...


Who is the pair for Vijay at Simbhudevan Film ?

நடிகர் விஜய் அடுத்ததாக சிம்புதேவன் இயக்கும் படம் ஒன்றில்...


Priyanka Chopra Joins with Vijay Again ?

Priyanka Chopra one of the biggest stars of Bollywood today, actually began her acting career in Kollywood in Vijay’s Thamizhan back in the year 2002. The latest...


Priyanka Chopra Hot Maxim Magazine Photoshoot Stills


Priyanka Chopra get 6 crores to dance at New Year Party

பிரியங்கா சோப்ரா இந்தியில் முன்னணி நடிகையாக உள்ளார். கோடி...


Priyanka Chopra Donated 50 Lakhs to Cancer Ward

மும்பை புறநகரில் உள்ள நானாவதி மருத்துவமனையில் புற்றுநோய்...


Secret behind Priyanka Chopra toned calves

We don’t know if it’s her foray into international pop music or her forthcoming biopic on boxer Mary Kom that has the petite Priyanka Chopra looking athletic of...


I Got My Belly Button Pierced in a Rebellious Mood – Priyanka Chopra

There’s a secret behind Priyanka Chopra’s belly button piercing. The actress says, “Some time ago, I was going through this rebellious phase. And in one moment of...


Priyanka Chopra angry with Ramcharan

Ram Charan Teja, The Southern sensation’s Bollywood debut Zanjeer is all set to release in another few weeks. Ram Charan Teja pairs up with the Pop Diva, Former...


Priyanka chopra will not leave mother alone

Priyanka Chopra, who is touring the US after the release of her new single, is flight-hopping across various cities and making appearances at nightclubs. And all through...

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra gets scripts in three languages

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra is said to be one of the most hard working and professional actresses in B-town. We heard that the Tamizhan actress, who is working...