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Kuselan Photo – Gallery

Audio launch of Raman Thediya Seethai

The audio for the movie Raman Thediya Seethai featuring Cheran, Nitin Sathyaa and Pasupathy in the lead along with five heroines will be launched on July 30 at Satyam...

Kuselan Trailer 3

Kuselan Trailer 2

Kuselan Trailer 1

Kuselan more and more – Images

Kuselan Unveiled -Images

Kuselan release postponed to September

The most expected film of this year, ‘Kuselan’ will hit the screens by August 1. If this was all you thought about till now, then don’t get...

Behind the Scenes of Kuselan – Gallery

Kuselan Exclusive Movie – Gallery

Actor Cheran becomes trouble maker

Cheran has earned the wrath of the team of the film Raman Thediya Seedhai. He has been stalling the development of this movie. Cheran has accused the team of sidelining...

Kuselan Audio Sales Report – Gallery

Kuselan Audio Launch – Gallery

Pasupathy not found in Kuselan audio launch

During the recent audio launch of Kuselan, protagonist, Pasupathy absence was conspicuous. The actor says he couldn’t make it for the function, as he is currently...

Kuselan Audio Sales Report – Videos

Kuselan Audio Launch – Videos

Kuselan On Location – Videos

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The last day of Kuselan shooting

Yesterday was the last day of Kuselan’s shooting. The sequence was shot in the Shanthi theatres with thousands of Rajni’s fan celebrating the first day first...