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Karthika is a live wire: Naresh

Actor Allari Naresh, who has teamed up with Karthika Nair in upcoming Telugu action-comedy Brother of Bommali, says that he is stunned by her performance in the film. He...


Karthika Joined Purampokku Team

‘இயற்கை’, ‘பேராண்மை’ உள்ளிட்ட படங்களை இயக்கியவர்...


Radha shocked over Karthika Marriage

Actress Karthika, the famous daughter of yesteryear sensation Radha broke through the silver screen with the blockbuster Ko, the actress after the stellar rise was...


Marriage Age is not yet came for Karthika – Radha

‘என்னோட பிறந்தவங்க 5 பேரு. அம்பிகா அக்கா, மல்லிகா அக்கா, அர்ஜுன்,...


I’ve no illusions about being an actress all my life: Karthika

Karthika, who is currently working on Deal, says that acting was not exactly part of her plan, despite being the daughter of Radha, and niece of Ambika, both of whom...


Jobless Karthika goes to Kannada movies

Though Radha’s daughters came in with big expectations, they have failed to sustain this competition and have started moving out from Kollywood. The first one to move...


Annakodi Film Will Show my Talent – Karthika Nair

மாஜி நடிகை ராதாவின் மூத்த மகள் கார்த்திகா ப்ளஸ் -2 படித்த...


Karthika Bare Back Show at Annakodi Promo for Publicity ?

Karthika who lastly seen in KO and she recently acted movie Annakodi getting ready for release on June 28. Recently the shocking Annakodi Video Promo hit the youtube and...


Karthika rubbishes rumours on sister’s behalf

Southern actress Karthika Nair has rubbished rumours that her sister Thulasi is cast opposite veteran actor Vijaykanth’s son in an upcoming Tamil film....


Karthika Apsaras movie hot stills


No Kodiveeran for Annakodi

Maverick director Bharathiraja’s Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum undergoes a small change in title . Yes , the unit felt that Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum is a lengthy title...


Karthika, Thulasi bond on the sets

Karthika was recently spotted on the sets of Yaan bonding with her little sister, Thulasi. The film has Jiiva playing the lead role, which is directed by Ravi K...


No competition with sister Karthika: Thulasi

Tamil actress Thulasi Nair, who will be seen in forthcoming romantic-drama “Kadal”, says her love for her elder sister, actress Karthika, won’t be...


Karthika is ready for swimsuit scenes

Karthika is ready for swimsuit scenes The Ko girl is upset that she is not able to get plum projects. After doing a convincing performance in Ko and later as a village...


Deal Movie Stills


Deal Movie News

Deal Movie News எம்.சுசில்மோகன் மற்றும் எம்.ஹேமந்த் தயாரிக்கும்...


Karthika Language Trouble

Ko actress Karthika has finally finished her film with Bharathiraja, Anna Kodiyum Kodi Veeranum. Though there were reports that she was upset during the shoot, due to...

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