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Thoranai gets ‘U’ Certificate

Finally, Vishal and his brother Vikram Krishna is on the seventh heaven as there forthcoming film ‘Thoranai’ has been passed through Censor Board Officials. Last...

‘We aren’t expecting Thoranai at any length’ – audiences burst out

Oops! It’s really disgusting to find that audiences’ tastes are vividly changing within fraction of moments. A Filmmaker may go for a stylish foreign cinema sort or...

Vishal Shriya – Lip Lock from Thoranai – Gallery

Thoranai Movie – Gallery

“ I am not getting married now” says Vishal

There were a lot of rumors linking Vishal with Trisha, Nayanthara and Reema Sen. He also said that he is in love with an actress. So it was thought that it could be one...

Vishal Pressmeet – Gallery

Thoranai Movie – Gallery

Thoranai Trailer