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Babu Ganesh escaped from Car Wheel Blast

‘கடல் புறா’ என்ற படத்தில் பாபு கணேஷ் நாயகனாக நடித்துள்ளார்....

Naane Varuven Movie Promos

Indrasena Trailer

Indrasena Movie – Gallery

“Person who came for treatment made me an actor”, says Dr Srinivasan

Doctors right from Rajashekar to Ram have donned the grease paint. Falling on line with these doctors, one more doctor has donned the grease paint. He is Dr Srinivasan....

Indrasena Movie Launch – Gallery

Indrasena Movie – Gallery

Naanevaruven Movie – Gallery

Naanevaruven Audio Launch – Gallery

Babu Ganesh’s Nadigai set for Guinness Book Records

HTML clipboard Babu Ganesh is one such versatile personality who despites his good attempts and shows goes unnoticeable. Well, this time the multifaceted personality has...

Nadigai Movie – Gallery

Babu Ganesh aims for Guinness Records

Babu Ganesh a Film Institute student and who donned the lead role in the films like Kadal Pura, That boot Thanjavur, Pudhya Mannargal, Nagalingam, Plus Kuttani, Desia...