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Visiri Movie (23)

Visiri Movie Press Release

தல-தளபதி” என்றாலே, அது பரபரப்பு பற்றிக் கொள்ளும் விசயம் தான்....

Visiri Movie (68)

Visiri Movie Audio Launch Stills

Visiri Movie

Welcome Song Of “MERSAL” By VISIRI Film Team

தலைமுறை தலைமுறையாக நடைபெறும் ரசிகர்களின் மோதல். ஆம்! தமிழ்...

Koothan Movie (5)

Ajith Movie Producer Aishwarya sung a song in Koothan Movie

S.Aishwarya kollywoods youngest women film producer,wife of Director A.M.Jyothi Krishna and daughter in law of renowned Producer A.M.Rathnam is all happy with her latest...


Vivegam Success Poster Released

Vivek Oberoi (1)

Actor Vivek Oberoi – Vivegam Press Release

One actor who was a heartthrob of millions of lady audience for years is Vivek Oberoi. He has always has immense  respect towards the people of Tamil nadu. His service...

editor ruban

Vivegam Press Release

Editing can often make or break a film. Anymovie with a good, well presented, sleek editing is always well received by the audience. Editing become even more vital in a...

Vivegam (2)

Vivegam Press Release

Action extravaganzas are a quintessential part of any international Spy thriller. Only the best of actors with valour and necessary skills can be a part of such a movie....


Vivegam Press Release

Living Up to a legendary father’s reputation is never a easy task. Following his footsteps but yet carving a niche for himself is even more a tougher task. Kabilan...

vivegam (3)

Vivegam Images


AK 57 Titled as Vivegam

Ajith at Jallikattu Protest (32)

Ajith at Jallikattu Protest


What’s the salary of Siruthai Siva in Thala 57?

Siruthai Siva has been scaling great heights with his consistent hits, especially after delivering couple of blockbuster hits with Ajith Kumar titled ‘Veeram’ and...


Parvathi Nair doing a portrait of Ajith

‘என்னை அறிந்தால்’ படத்தில் அஜீத்துடன் நடித்தவர் பார்வதி...


Ajith is Perfect Gentleman Says Dhanush

தனுஷ் நடிப்பில் தற்போது வெளியாகியுள்ள படம் ‘தங்கமகன்’....


Who is the Next Producer For Thala Ajith ?

அஜித் இப்போது மூன்றுஅறுவைசிகிச்சைகள் செய்துகொண்டு...


No Places For Ajith and Vijay in Forbes List

ஒவ்வொரு ஆண்டும் இந்தியாவை சேர்ந்த 100 பிரபலங்களின் பட்டியலை...


After Mall, it’s Hospital for ‘Thala’ Ajith

After Mall, it’s Hospital for ‘Thala’ Ajith ‘Thala 56′ is gaining more momentum with each day passing by. Earlier a fight scene with Ajith,...