Vedalam Movie Review


‘Vedalam’ is Ajith’s Diwali gift to his fans and in fact it is his biggest gift. The movie has everything which his fan expects. Witty one-liners, Whistle-worthy action sequences and some comic scenes. Ajith has proved that he doesn’t need a novel story to make fans go frenzy. He completely dominates each scene he enters inside. The trio of villains are really threatening and scary. And each villain is handled by Ajith in a wise manner.

The plot is simple, Ajith as a Taxi driver wants his sister to study Arts at an eminent institute in Kolkata. But Ajith faces some trouble from local goons as he ended up as local informer. But then reveals a twist that Ajith was the one who came in search of goons and he hunts them one by one. What is the motive behind his hunt ? Will he save his sister ? forms the rest of the story.

The first half has lots of comedy sequences with Soori, Kovai Sarala, Rajendran, Balasaravanan, Swaminathan. Sivabalan takes care of second half. Sruthi Haasan who plays the female lead is glamorous and spicy. Finally after a lukewarm ‘Puli’, she has made a strong come back. However, in the end, it was Ajith’s one man show. The plot is has nothing new for the actor to perform extraordinarily. But still the director could have avoided few melodramatic sequences.

The pre-interval point was the biggest plus and this will be the talk of the town for next few days. The second half has emotional sequences with Thambi Ramiah scoring in each scene. Ajith’s performance in climax takes us to the good old days of ‘Varalaaru’. Ajith easily scores fourth consecutive success and guess what ? this time betters the earlier three movies.

Overall, ‘Vedalam’ is a clear wholesome Diwali treat !


Review : Jeyya Sibby Stephan

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