Thiruthani Movie Review

This movie was started once Perarasu and Bharath has completed Pazhani. After 2 years the movie has hit the screens last week.

If you watched Perarasu’s movie you aware the the following is his movie template

– A Hero introduction with illogical fight
– An intro song for hero with weird costume
– A heroine Introduction who usually react like a semi-crack
– A love sequence
– Love Song
– A illogical villains with atrocities
– Someone who says that hero is the only one to protect the entire tamilnadu
– An interval
– A funny cameo by Perarasu
– Hero challenging villains in a funny way
– Another duet with heroine
– A illogical twist in the climax
– Movie ends

Like all his movies this movie too not an exception from this one. Bharath and Sunaina in a lead. Its clear that bharath has done this movie as he doesn’t have any other movie. For sunaina she committed this movie as she was new heroine at that time. Music has been done killed by Perarasu. Most of the scenes are there to praise vijay and tried to project Bharath as a next vijay. நமக்கு ஏன் இந்த தேவ இல்லாத வேலை?

We could hear that you are asking about the story. Here is a chance to watch Thiruttani with Perarasu and Bharath. Watch his previous movies, you can find a Thiruttani story over there. Once you find it out send it to us.

Towards the movie end Perarasu giving us a lead that his next movie is “swami malai”. On behalf of tamil cinema fans we would like to say “நீங்க ஆணியவே புடுங்க வேணாம்”. If you are still adamant in taking one more crap movie, then requesting you not to release it and watch it lonely.

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