Samar Movie Review


Starring : Vishal, Trisha, Sunaina, Manoj Bajpai, J.D. Chakravarthy

Direction : Thiru

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Production : T. Ramesh

Only a few films portrait “Mind Thrillers” like the one we have seen in David Fincher’s “The Game” and Christopher Nolon’s “The Memento”. Now probably for the first time in Tamil cinema, director Thiru handles such a genre with “Samar” starring Vishal in the lead.

Sakthi (Vishal) is the son of Forest Ranger Azhagam Perumal and he is in love with Roopa (Sunaina). But their love broke up due to Vishal’s careless attitude. Three months later, Sakthi gets a letter from Sunaina asking Vishal to come to Bangkok. Sakthi reaches Bangkok and the mind game starts with lots of twists and turns, which you have to see in the big screen.

First of all kudos to director Thriu for taking such a story and portray it in a stylish commercial package. S Ramakrishnan’s dialogues come as handy especially the dialogues where Vishal meets Trisha in the airport is novel.

Vishal has given a subtle performance and one can witness a drastic improvement in his dialogue delivery and also in the action blocks. Trisha looks beautiful and she has given a neat performance in a powerful role. Apart from the lead pair, JD Chakravarthy and Manoj Bajpai played vital roles and both of them have showcased the cold blooded villainy with ease.

Richard M Nathan’s cinematography is slick and he has used vivid colour tones for different locations. The slow motions shots in the fight and song sequences deserve a pat. Editing by Antony is crisp and accelerates the flow of the movie.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are okay and Dharan Kumar’s background score is good. Vasuki Bhaskar’s costumes are trendy, which is essential for these kinds of stylish flicks.

Looks like director Thiru got inspired from David Fincher’s “The Game” but it was just an inspiration and nothing more, nothing less. On the whole Samar is one film, which should not be missed at any cost.


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