Review – Villu

Star-casts: Vijay, Nayanthara, Prakash Raj, Vadivelu, Sriman, Manoj K Jayan and many others.
Banner: Ayngaran International Productions
Production: K. Karunamoorthy, C. Arun Pandian
Story, screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Prabhu Deva
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cameraman: Ravi Varman
Art Director: Sunil Babu
Stunts: S.Vijayan
Dialogue: Ravi Kumar
Lyrics Writer: Kabilan

As it goes with Spider Man, Superman, Die Hard, Mummy and James Bond series, Actor Vijay has started marking his ventures with same genres. Of course, commercial elements are always welcomed by the masses and especially his style, dialogues bounded with messages, mischief acts and tremendous dance. But when it comes to stories where ‘vengeance’ is the main element, they’re out of audiences’ tastes.

Son seeking vengeance for his father’s death is something that everyone has been viewing on the screens for over 3 decades. And why Vijay does pick up such an empaling speculation on each of his films? Well in Kuruvi, his task was about bumping of the baddies to save his father and here, he’s there on revenge of his father’s death. Precisely, it’s a polished remake of ‘Aboorva Saghodarargal’ and Hindi Movie ‘Soldier’….

The film opens with Pugazh (Vijay) on a secret mission as he receives instructions from senior police officer Joseph (Manoj K Vijayan) to abduct world’s deadly criminal Raaka (Aditya). Sooner, Pugazh makes Jhanvi (Nayanthara) with her as a part of his mission (As James Bond does it for all Bond girls). Perhaps, later its revealed that Jhanvi is none other than daughter of World’s most wanted mafia leader JD (Prakash Raj). Rest of the film is about who actually Pugazh is? What are his intentions?

Vijay does a brilliant job on dance, stunt sequences and overall good justice to his role… But watching him with unbelievable stunts on aircraft is something we say, ‘ludicrous’, ‘Ridiculous’…. Does he assume himself to be James Bond or Die Hard fame Bruce Willis? Its a billion dollar question. The funniest annoying part is where our hero stands amidst of 10 cars getting blasted with bomb and yet not spotted with single cut. Do Vijay and Prabhu Deva think audiences to be fools watching the film? Even, filmmakers of Telugu film industry have transformed and started making good films. ‘Villu’ starts off well in the first half with fun, frolic, songs, action and romance. But none ever expected that Vijay would perform clumsy acts like throwing underwear on Nayan’s face and that’s something female audiences would hate it. Nayanthara can better quit acting and look for Malayalam offers or else continue here in Kollywood with item numbers. All throughout the film, she is involved in skin shows and doesn’t attempt for a better performance. Blame is on the part of Prabhu Deva who doesn’t give her enough scope to perform the role. Vijay’s double action is unnecessary and someone could have played his father’s role. Humble request to Prakash Raj – ‘Sir, Kindly don’t take up offers for money sake’. Devraj, Anand Raj, Sriman live up to expectations. Vadivelu’s humorous tracks are only relief especially, shaking his legs for ‘Kathala Kannale’ and ‘Naaka Mukka’ are over-the-top that’ll cause you stomachache. It’s a decent spell of bull fight though done on CG process and call it ‘good work’. Prakash Raj looks funny with colored wigs on his head (Remember Suman in ‘Kuruvi’ and ‘Aegan’).

Prabhu Deva was quite good on remaking each and every in ‘Pokkiri’ while he fails to pen a gripping screenplay for his own script. The First half moves about with commercial factors and everything’s fine till 10 cars burst during an action sequence with Vijay walking straight through them. Prabhu Deva must understand watching James Bond film is fine and good, but try not applying them for Vijay’s film.

Musical score by Devi Shri Prasad has whole lot of Tollywood traces and fails to impress with his background score. ‘Rama Rama’ picks up the interest of Vijay fans with Kushboo and Prabhu Deva dancing for the number. Well, rest of the songs doesn’t carry on with same credits. Pepsi Vijayan’s stunts are the highlighting factors in the film while rest disappoints us.

On the whole, ‘Villu’ doesn’t carry any specialties like ‘Ghilli’ or ‘Pokkiri’. Overdosed heroisms and loose screenplay fails to hold even Vijay fans in theatres. However, we may point out the exact features, anyway or so Vijay has tactics of getting his film run successfully for more than 200 days. Maybe, more too.

Fine! For ‘Kuruvi’ we had our verdict carrying ‘Refund Your Tickets’ while for this one – ‘Gift the tickets to your enemies’ would be the apt one.

Bottom – Line: Sequel to Kuruvi

Verdict: Ayoo Ramaa…..

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