Review – Vettaikaran

Star-casts: Vijay, Anushka, Salim Ghosh, Shayaji Shinde, Satyan, Sri Hari and others.
Production: Sun Pictures, AVM Productions
Direction: Babu Sivan
Music: Vijay Anthony
Cinematography: Gopinath
Editing: V.T. Vijay

Vijay’s fate continues – What does this mean? It’s so simple; ‘Vettaikaran’ in no way differs from his pervious films that were dissatisfying for the universal audiences. Vijay follows the same pattern of superman act of jumping from loftiest water falls with just a wound on his knee, yelling with punch dialogues and flying reverse sans gravity effects in stunt sequences.

The day Vijay stops working on these elements, he’s sure to make it big and gain yet more masses towards him. It’s worth mentioning that Vijay had whole lot of female fans, but with most of his recent films merely bounded to violence and punch dialogues, he’s loosing away the attention.

‘Vettaikaran’ has a right mix of Dharani’s ‘Dhill’ (mentor of Babu Sivan), ‘Tirupatchi’ and ‘Bhagavathy’.

The film is about Ravi (Vijay) in Tuticorin, whose only aim is to become a cop just like an IPS officer Rajendran. After passing his 12th std examination after 4 attempts, Ravi heads for Chennai with a big dream of completing his graduation and becoming a cop. He comes across his cherubic girl Susheela (Anushka) and falls in love at first sight with her.

After joining a college in Chennai, Ravi hires an auto from his girl classmate’s father (Manickam Vinayagam) for bread and butter. When things are well and fine, Ravi feels so disappointed as he isn’t able to meet his role model Devraj IPS as his house is always locked. His neighbors reveal that he has fled to Delhi on some mission and will return merely after 6 months, which is not true.

Meanwhile, he comes in for a hand-in-hand combat with a local goon Chella, who handles illegal businesses of his don father Vedanayagam (Salim Ghosh).

What follows next is a series of more clichéd storyline that can be doubtlessly predicted.

As usual Vijay dances well, utters dialogues that favors his fans and ‘Thai Kulam’. But in the second half, he starts beating the same bush of high-pitched punch dialogues. Though they aren’t more in number, the stunt sequences will really annoy you after a certain extent. Anushka, the red-hot girly makes you forget her ‘Arundhathi’ image as she gets into extreme glamour. Of course, she will leave a big lump in your throats out on erotic blast. Salim Ghosh does justice to his role, but is found repeating the same act again and again. Satyan is okay and Shayaji Shinde as a bad-turned-good cop has done a good job. The person taking on the role of Devraj IPS is great though he reminds off Nasser’s similar role in ‘Dhill’.

There are whole lots of absurdities so blatant and Babu Sivan should’ve strictly paid attention to these aspects that would have made the film finer. The second half is too lengthy with already seen ingredients of Vijay Vs Aashish Vidyarthi in ‘Bhagavathy’ and Vijay Vs rowdies in ‘Tirupatchi’. It would’ve been better if Vijay had foreshortened the stunt parts in second half. For God’s sake, he can stop conveying social messages… We’re curiously waiting for some of his best entertainers like ‘Badri’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Ghilli’….

After a long time, almost all the songs in Vijay’s film impress the audiences. Especially, he has completely changed his dancing style from his previous films.

Cinematography isn’t impressive and editing is mediocre.

On whole, Sun Pictures’ vivid promotions may turn this average film into a top-drawer, since it’s far better than some of the previous films that were released by the same production house this year.

Bottom – Line: Vijay’s fate continues

Verdict: Below Average…

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