Review – Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu

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Star-casts: Vishnu, Saranya Mohan, Kishore and others.
Banner: Imagine Creations
Direction: Susinthiran
Music: Selva Ganesh
Cinematography: J.Lakshman

It doesn’t mean if a flick on offbeat theme does well, every auteur in town can get working on similar motif on their papers. The theme of nativity started off with Paruthiveeran and then it was bunch of flicks on that same genre…. In fact Subramaniapuram and Kalloori had whole lot of stuffs running around same theme. Precisely, in terms of narration Vennila Kabadi Kulu strides on the way of Kalloori with an deplorable climax. Call it as a spoiler of this film where Filmmaker Susindhran drops a tasteless climax that spoils the beauteous tale till the penultimate sequences.

Not merely in multiplexes, but the film wouldn’t do extremely well at even single screens of towns and villages…

The film is centered on a group of youngsters striding with a Kabadi team named ‘Vennila Kabadi Kulu’ where Maari (Vishnu) is a bright young one. Not too much do we the game of Kabadi and the entire first half moves without an emotionless quotient on romance… Maari falls in love with a girl (Saranya Mohan) who comes to his village for the festive occasion… Amidst of lots of fun and frolic their love story goes on. But Maari never knows her name and only the college where she studies. With a touching farewell to Maari, the girl says that she would meet him next year during the same festive occasion. Later half of the film goes on about his dreams about his ladylove. Then comes the toughest tournament of Kabadi where ‘Vennila Team’ gets in playfully without expecting series of twists and turns. Yup! A best coach (Kishore) is there training them and they make it finally. On the last 5 minutes of the climax, it’s all about Maari’s ladylove returning to the festive occasion and keeps searching out for him. The rest is about a shocking climax that wasn’t supposed to be.

Debutant Vishnu deserves special mention for a good performance. Thank God, unlike other debutants (like the sons of leading filmmakers and producers), we have him shaking legs for Kuthu songs with messages in title songs. Indeed, the script isn’t dealt in such a way for heroisms. Good Work Vishnu. Cute-pretty looking Saranya Mohan steals the show with an extraordinary show. Mark it! This girl is sure to eclipse the heroines like Sneha if she continues to get on with best spells of this sort. A splendid spell by Kishore and he makes us ‘Wordless’ with his acting.

On the technical aspects, everything is best. With complete team of newcomers on the title cards, we don’t tend to witness any amateurish works. Cinematography enhances the visual quality with exotic locations. Musical score by Selvaganesh is top-notching, especially the song ‘Lesa’ has chances about taking on high.

Screenplay goes sluggish in the first half while the latter part is about good piece of work. Yeah! You feel like watching ‘Chak De India’ in a village theme. Perhaps, if the climax was penned with a happy ending, then doubtlessly, it would have been a grand round of applause for the debut filmmaker.

On the whole, though it has lots of enjoyable parts, the film doesn’t work in some areas especially the climax.

Bottom – Line: Middling with offbeat theme

Verdict: Good

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