Review – Vellithirai

Story: Roshan Andrews

Producer: Prakash Raj, Dhanan Jayan

Direction: Viji

Starring: Prithviraj, Prakash Raj, Gopika, Lakshmi Rai, M.S. Bhaskar and many others.

Music: G.V.Prakash

Editor: Mu.Kasi Viswanathan

Remaking a movie isn’t a great deal, but how far does an auteur prove of his differentiation in scripts makes him well noted. The film is a remake of Malayalam version Udhayananu Tharam featuring Mohan Lal, Srinivas and Meena in lead roles. The film centered on the real-life encounters in Malayalam Film industry where the problems faced by directors, betrayals done to them are well narrated. Director Viji delivers a comedy glued drama suiting them to the Kollywood ambience. How does a great star dominate in the film industry, his selection of movies and creating problems if nothing is favorable for him are the general things that are happening in film industry.

So can Vellithirai can be termed as REALITIES IN CELLULOID? Yup! One can precisely say it’s a great movie with an unique theme. But the very next question would be who the person to be appreciated is? Is it Viji or Srinivas of original version? Obviously, it is Srinivas for his innovate script and theme and then there is no credits of producing replicas of such great movies.

Duet Movies are well known in boasting about themselves that they have been making the best movies and how can they boldly say about Vellithirai – a copied version? Fine! That’s something Prakash Raj has to think about.

Vellithirai is about couple of friends Saravanan played by Prithviraj and Prakash performing the role of Kannayan. Both of them have the same dream of making big in silver screen: but Saravanan as a director and Kannayan. For a very long time, they keep struggling with their hard work, but nothing turns favorable for them. Once Kannnayan approaches Producer Sarath Babu for a chance to act in his film while Saravanan requests Producer Reddy to listen to his script. On the parallel tracks, both of them get good opportunities but they have to get a best script. Without the knowledge of Saravanan, Kannayan steals his script, proceeds towards the producer and turns his dream into reality.

But Saravanan has his hopes turned down when he comes to know about this. On the other part, he is in love with a famous heroine Mythali (Gopika) and they get married for certain reason. Mythali is permanently tortured by her brother played by Sampath and in order to get her out of troubles, Saravanan marries her.

Now and then, Saravanan gets nothing but only disappointments with none of the producers ready to make a film for him. In order to lead a secured life without financial problems, he asks his friend Mustafa to get a job for himself as a driver for call taxi. As his wife gets to know about his perplexed situation and sacrifice made for her, she leaves him with the notion that it will help in changing his course of life.

Losing all his relations, Saravanan becomes more depressed and at this point, we have the same producer who had raised Kannayan picking him up. The producer assures him that will take up the stand of producer for his movie but under the condition of having Kannayan as the hero.

But Kannayan keeps troubling Saravanan right from the beginning of the shooting asking him to make changes in the script. Finally as the things complicated, he leaves the sets without completing the climax part. Now Saravanan is forced to come up with some abrupt plans that will get him succeeded with his goals…

The film has been well narrated with the real life happenings of the film industry. The part where Prakash Raj on the great star demands on making changes in the script, fixing even camera angles reminds us of what actually the leading stars of Kollywood keep doing, All the actors starting from Prithviraj till the minor characters have performed well. M.S. Bhaskar and Charlie have been presented as the exact replica of real life characters in tinsel town. The way Charlie speaks through the phone with his wife and indirectly conveying the message to M.S. Bhaskar and his immediate reply are appealing highlights.

Dialogues play vital role in enhancing the positive attributes of the film and of course it can be clearly stated that its only dialogues that will make you enjoy. The film has nothing specially added comedy tracks and if it was carefully crafted then the theme presented would have been more powerful.

Getting on with performance of lead roles, nothing to specially appreciate about them for they have been doing the normal stuffs.

Well, G.V. Prakash will soon prove to be the successor of Music Director Deva for he keeps copying the music from other source feeling that listeners are idiotic fools. None of the songs have been tuned in well and musical part is a great disappointment from Duet Movies and expectations were high because of their previous venture Mozhi making it big in audio market.

As a whole, the film lets down the hopes of those who were eagerly excited about the release of film. It has no proper comedy tracks and Prakash Raj making mockery against Rajnikanth is a great abuse and he gets himself degraded in this manner.

Bottom – Line : Not as the original

Verdict: Not worth watching…

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