Review – Veerasamy

Review – Veerasamy

Cast : T.Rajendar, Mumtaj, Aziz, Megna Naidu, Sheela, and Others
Producer : T.Rajendar
Director : T.Rajendar
Music : T.Rajendar

Unlike T.R’s Uyirullavarai Usha or Thangaikku Oru Geetham, Veerasamy has totally different connotation. After a long gap T.R came with full energy to suit with latest trend, the role played by Mumtaz as salt Kotai sarasu is simply superb and the expectation of Glamour symbol was totally demolished in veerasamy.

Coming to the story, Veerasamy(T.R) is a criminal lawyer and a Local M.L.A who looks after the welfare of the people, he has one sister (Sheela) cinema mandate she fallen love with his classmate Arun(Ajees) brother of Babi, there loves grows considerably, but both the side oppose there love in first instance. At the mean time Salt Kotta sarasu attracts towards veerasamy, after seeing Veerasmy noble deeds. By this time local rowdy wins the local election which creates a great huddle for Veerasamy’s growth and eventually the local MLA marries Sarasu.

Meanwhile, Meghan naidu falls in love with Arun, by enacting a Drama successfully Meghan Naidu separates her sister from Arun, in case of Mumtaz plans walks away from his husband due to physical abuse.

Rest of the story moves around how T. R manages a decent path is the highlight of the story. As we know T.R has taken the whole job of Directing, screenplay, writing, editing & he also penned all songs for the movie; Simbu has singed one duet song in veerasamy. Too many characters and parallel story makes story too difficult to understand, and T.R lengthy dialogue tuned down well too.

Overall the biggest Chatterbox of the Tamil film industry has failed to create an impact at the box office.


Verdict : Flop

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