Review – Vambhu Sandai

Banner: Jai Mataji Cine Combines
Direction: Raj Kapoor
Stat-casts: Uday Kiran, Sathyaraj, Diya, Livingstone, Riyaaz Khan , Fepsi Vijayan and many others.
Music: D Imman

Director Rajkapoor is known for making masala movie and his task seems to be more effortless and somehow the film reaches certain group of audiences. Now this applies same to his Vambu Sandai, which has nothing to do with difference in story as well the theme. Yet, another portrayal of father-son relationship doesn’t evoke your emotions and come let us have a look at the synopsis of Vambusandai…

The story of this film goes this way…

The film opens in a college campus where the usual ragging stuffs takes place between boys and girls. As it happens in other movies, the hero is introduced as a guy roaming behind his ladylove. Prabhakaran (Udhy Kiran) is the son of Nehru (Livingstone) and Lakshmi and he keeps enjoying his life with no problems on his tracks. Well, Prabhakaran falls in love with his ladylove played by Diya who is the sister of assistant commissioner of Police (Raj Kapoor). Couple of encounters does make them fall in love and you will have to bear this chap fighting and running around the bush with his lover for songs. But what is this story all about? The director seems to have thought about this and formed the second half. With the film running with annoying factors, suddenly it comes an end at the point where the truth is opened that Livingston and Lakshmi are his foster parents and his real father is an ex-election officer Jeevanandham (Sathyaraj) who is mentally ill now.

The reason is that he has been deeply affected by the problem caused by an ex-minister Dharmalingam (Fepsi Vijayan). Prabhakaran vows to get his father back to the normal condition and fleets to Kerala for Auyurvedic treatment.

Over there, he finds the same ex-minister Dharmalingam admitted by his son Riyaaz Khan. The politician too seems to have turned down mentally ill due to the problem caused by Jeevanandam. Now its not between Jeevanandham and Dharmalingam, but their sons are on the urge of fighting to win their vengeance.

Raj Kapoor does a nice job in narrating the story, especially with the flashback with taks involved with elections process. But that doesn’t stay over for a long time, since it gets deviated with some other unwanted masala contents.

None doesn’t speak about the performance of Sathyaraj for he always does a commendable job. Udhay Kiran comes up with satisfactory performance in his skills of action and dance, but he has to improve a lot in expressing his emotions. Diya has nothing much more to with the script other than appearing for songs and couple of romantic scenes with Udhay.

The major drawback of the film is the already seen features of predictable screenplay and same clichés happening again and again.

As of other casts, there is nothing to blame on them for everyone seems to have done an appreciable job. Technical aspects aren’t quite convincing and D. Imman should try changing his style of music for most of them seems to be the same…

If Director Raj Kapoor had concentrated bit on the part of screenplay and presented it in a gripping manner, then things would have been more greater for him. Vambu Sandai is a movie to watch if you need to spend your leisure time…

Bottom – Line : Simply entertaining

Verdict : Watch it once…

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