Review – Vaitheeswaran

Production: Annamalai Films Private Limited
Starring: Sarathkumar, Meghna Naidu, Vijay Kumar, Sayaji Shinde, Santhanam and many others.
Direction: Vidhyadharan
Music: Srikanth Deva

Making reincarnation movie is not a new concept in the tinsel world whether it is in Hollywood or in Indian cinema. In the recent times one can never forget the ripples that Om Shanthi Om created in Bollywood. It was a runaway success. Turning back to Kollywood we recently had the movie Sila Nerangalil. Joining the bandwagon is the recent film featuring the macho star Sarath Kumar In Vaitheeswaran.Yet another movie on reincarnation. Watching the movie is like viewing a natural disaster that you cannot turn away from. By that I do not mean that the movie is bad, any more than it is good. It is a force beyond categories. Saravanan, a small boy is killed by Dhanasekaran (Sayaji Shinde), a politician without any trace of the murder. The opening scene shows the temple Vaithesswaran well known for its healing power as well as Palm leaf predictions which have gained recognition amongst our countryside people since time immemorial. Saravanan’s mother turns up to an astrologer state that the brutally murdered young boy Saravanan will return to his pining mother, in his next birth. The manuscripts even prophesy the day of his arrival at the remote village several years later. Only that the mother has to sit meditating through the years for the purpose in the confines of the temple.

Each and every deed you do in your lifetime will bounce back to you, whether it is good or bad one.

As the title goes, the film starts at Vaitheeswaran temple where group of baddies led by a greedy politician Dhanashekar (Shayaji Shinde). However, a small boy happens to see this looting and gets murdered by the politician. With the boy’s mother unable to find whereabouts the son, an astrologer named Mani Shankar gets it known to his mother that her son has been killed. Indeed, he asks her to stay at the same temple as long as possible that she may have her son re-incarnated and take revenge on the baddies who killed him…

So after 30 years, we have Dr. Bala (Sarath Kumar), a psychiatrist in Chennai getting to snatch the power of state minister Dhanashekar for some other reason. But, few encounters and destiny together leads Dr. Bala get revealed that he is the re-incarnation of the same boy who was killed…

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing special about the storyline, since many of us would have seen similar flicks. But Vidhyadharan’s screenplay holds us more glued to the screen, but only till the first half. The second half goes more boring for the very aspects are easily predictable.

Apart from alluring looks, Meghna Naidu has no specified reasons to stand on the shoes of actress. She cannot emote well to the situations. Santhanam provides bit of relief with his comedy tracks, but that doesn’t help for a greater extent…

Music by Srikanth Deva is the most annoying part and we don’t know why he keeps scoring such a noisy sound for the background….

Technical aspects are not much to be mentioned here and they have done their best….

As a whole, Vaitheeswaran is a movie that will let you enjoy killing your time if you move in without any expectations…

Bottom – Line: Same old wine for you

Verdict: Ok! Can watch it once…

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