Review – Vaalmiki

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Star-casts: Akil, Meera Nandan, Shruthi Nair, Gopi and many others.
Banner: Vikatan Talkies
Production: Srinivasan
Direction: Ananda Narayanan
Music: Maestro Ilayaraja
Cinematography: N. Azhagappan
Editing: V.T. Vijayan

Can you get away with the series of blunders you’ve committed throughout your life? Definitely, but it goes with the hardest price to pay. This has been the central theme of ‘Vaalmiki’ that revolves on the fictitious characterization of Pandi and many surrounding him. Don’t presume this to be a usual story that a petty thief and series of flaws he commits and a girl transforming him. Of course, the story moves ahead on these quotients and yet deviates with shocks and surprisals.

Director Ananda Narayana working with Shankar has inherited the social theme and projected right on his debut. On the pars, he has chosen good star-casts and got the best out of them. Akil who made a middling start with ‘Kalloori’ has spelled crème de la crème right on his second film. He has improved a lot on his part and doesn’t move away from winning sure appraisals from audiences.

Okay! What’s the story of Vaalmiki? So simple as mentioned earlier…

Pandi (Akil) is a jail warden who’s going through the registering the list of criminals and petty thieves adhered with properties they’ve stolen. A kind of puzzling motif strikes once Pandi is thrown with a statement that the petty thief standing before him has got Vandana’s gold chain. The film moves back to flashback sequences of Pandi and his close associates involved in fraudulent acts of cutpurse acts and more like commencing fake production film companies. There is whole lot of innocents suffered by him. Indeed an innocent girl who came to Chennai with dreams of becoming a heroine cheated by him financially. Out of vex, she turns to be a sex worker and gets affected with incurable diseases. Merely, there’s a flower vendor (Shruthi Nair) who refuses him and marries another person unbearable to his dirty nature. But there’s Vandana (Meera Nandan) Who mends his ways and finally turns him into a good responsible youngster. Alas! Nature has its destiny fixing an unexpected fate for him. It’s really shocking for the audiences indeed.

Meera Nandan from Kerala does a good job as well the other missy Shruthi Nair. Meera suits the role of an innocent girl while Shruthi as a local flower vendor excels with her vocalism and slang. On the pars, the other guys enacting Akil associates’ roles are good enough with their style.

Musical score by Ilayaraja is commendable and yet there are no need for certain songs in the film. Background score is good adding more flavors to the film’s pace. Azhagappan’s cinematography is embellishing the screens.

Screenplay is quite middling on certain points and Ananda Narayanan should’ve corrected them.

On the whole, the film has probabilities of fetching good reviews from down-south audiences and by word of mouth will have a slow pick-up.

Bottom – Line : Passably good

Verdict : Decent Attempt by Ananda Narayanan.