Review – Unnai Pol Oruvan

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Star-casts: Kamal Haasan, Mohan Lal, Lakshmi, Tanuja Iyer, Ganesh Venkataram
Banner: Raj Kamal Productions, UTV Motion Pictures
Production: Kamal Haasan, Ronnie Screwvala
Direction: Chakri
Music: Shruthi Haasan

To be precise, much before watching the film ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’, everyone would’ve got a definite doubt whether the remake version in Tamil will perform well. But, Kamal Haasan top-notches exceeding our expectations on every quotient that are splendidly delivered…

The remake doesn’t differ in any way from the original version of ‘A Wednesday’. If the Neeraj Pandey had delivered a powerful theme with it, we’ve Kamal Haasan and his team rendering an overpowering attempt.

The film opens with Raghavan Maraar (Mohan Lal), city commissioner of police on his last day of service. He starts of revisiting an unforgettable day in his life, an unrecorded event that’s still unforgettable by those who were involved in it.

And then we’re taken back to that phenomenal day where a stranger (Kamal Haasan) makes a call to Maraar stating that he has planted bombs at various parts of the city. Assuming this to be a crank call, the city commissioner doesn’t take it seriously although he tries tracing the call. Instantaneously, the stranger reasserts about his serious venture that he has placed a bomb at a police station in Anna Saalai.

Well, now things are gonna be different not merely for city commissioner, but a TV reporter (Anuja Iyer), couple of young aggressive cops (Ganesh Venkataraman and other one), a computer hacker and the entire department of police.

Now, the stranger makes a strong demand that the department of police has to release 4 deadly criminals or else he would bump off the entire city.

But then, when his deals are accomplished, there’s something more shocking for everyone involved in this mission.

Needless to say, Mohan Lal deserves special mention for an extraordinary job. He just swings around with a blissful performance. Be it a tensed interaction with Kamal Haasan or a jovial take with the journalist: he’s awesome. Although, Kamal Haasan happens to be the lead protagonist, he showcases his best take simply in the climax. Ganesh Venkataraman does his part well as a frustrated cop while Tanuja Iyer as a journalist keeps us engrossed. Lakshmi is average on her show while rest of the cast-an-crew including the ones who played the role of criminals has done a great job.

There isn’t much particularly to appreciate about the background score of Shruthi Haasan as it could’ve been yet better. Cinematography by Manoj is prodigious and lighting has been perfectly mastered.

Dialogues by Era.Murugan are what it makes much best than the original version. All throughout the film, the dialogues are so touching and powerful that keeps winning with continuous applauses.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’ is marvelous and of course best than the original version.

For sure, the film would make it big in box office with a long weekend of Ramzan Holiday.

Bottom – Line: Stupendously awesome

Verdict: Must Watch!!!

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