Review – Uliyin Osai

Starring: Vineeth, Keerthi Chawla, Akshaya, Sarath Babu, Manorama, ‘Ganja’ Karuppu, Thalaivasal Vijay and Kovai Sarala.
Production: J.Nandhini Arts
Story: Kalaignar Karunanidhi
Direction: Ilavenil
Music: Ilayaraja
Camera: B.Kannan
Art: Magi
Choreography: Kala, Shivashankar,John Babu and Kadhal Kandas

Kalainyar Karunanidhi is back again after couple of years with a marvelous script that brings our ancient Tamil culture under the spotlight of Indian Cinema. Set at the backdrops of 12th Century, the film centers on Raja Raja Chozhan who reigned in supremacy over Tanjore to build a big magnificent temple. Added to this, he wants to sculpt 108 idols depicting Lord Shiva’s 108 dance movement. Well, he has his son Rajendra Chozhan and daughter-in-law come to aid in accomplishing his wishes.

They hire a sculptor Inian (Vineeth) to get the work done. However, despites starting up with his work at full extent, Inian find that his work is quite difficult unless there is a model who can pose with dance movements. Samundi is the lady he gets for posing and she impresses him with her stupendous dance movements. On this course, Inian falls in love with Samundi and that point when he wants to express his love; he gets to know that she is none other than Prince Rajendra Chozhan’s wife.

Unbearable to his worst deed, Inian punishes himself by piercing his eyes with chisels….

Well, this film is really appealing and for sure would go across the boundaries marking the ancient culture of Tamil culture. Blending together the history and fiction together really needs lots of work and you know it’s possible only with Kalainyar Karunanidhi, the master of literature.

Vineeth comes up with a naturalistic performance and fits the bill with the character of Inian. His acting skills are laudable during the climax scene is worth getting grand round of applause. Actress Akshaya excels with her uttering of dialogues and in particular with the snake dance. On the equal par, you have Keerthi Chawla presents a grand fiesta of dance. Ganja Karuppu, Thalaivasal Vijay, Manorama, Kovai Sarala have donned their respective roles on more perfection.

Ilayaraja’s music really works with the enhancement of film’s quality. Be it the melodious songs or the background scoring, Maestro strikes the right chord…

Bottom – Line: A splendid work

Verdict: Worth Watching for all the centres…