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Review – Thiruvilayadal Arambam

Review – Thiruvilayadal Arambam

Cast : Dhanush, Shriya, Prakash Raj, Mouli, Saranya, Karunas
Music Director : D Imman
Director : Boopathy Pandian
Produced by : RK Productions

Dhanush after a long break committed to do Tiruvilayadal Arambam. Tiruvilayadal Arambam is purely a Love Entertainer with lot of fun and excitement; Dhanushs Tiruda Tirudi was a great successful film after that this second movie for Dhanush in same length. Even for Shreya this is second film in Tamil, her presence and beauty lingers through out the movie. Director Boopathy pandian worked hard to bring the talent for artist, apart from that Dialogue play important role in framing the screenplay.

Thiru (Dhanush) a free guy without responsibility move around with his friends and he spend most of the time with Karunas, Sukumar and others. Thirus ambition is to do Business instead of going for job and he is keen to prove his ability to others, but his dad (Mouli) and mom (Saranya) dont not have confidence on Thiru because of his Childishness.

One day small misunderstanding between Thiru and his Father turned an ugly turn, in which Mouli asked Thiru to go away from home in midnight. After that Thiru spend the whole night in Temple. In morning he sees Priya Shreya) and it is love at first sight. Later on Thiru came to know she is sister of rich Businessman Guru (Prakash Raj). Slight differently, Thiru calls Guru and he explains about his willingness on his sister Priya. Meanwhile Thiru was impressed by priya slowly Priya fall in love with Thiru. In course of time Thiru stuck a Deal with Guru for leavening his sister. And the rest of the movie was filled with twist and turn to keep the story alive.

Most interesting is that Dialogue between Danush and Prakash Raj was really amazing, director tried to tie comedy between Danush and prakah Raj worked out well. Apart from that story was well tuned by director in order to match the screenplay. Comedy again is major highlight of the movie Danush tried his full effort to bring full energy on comedy.

D.Imman superb melodious songs especially the Vizhigalil Vizhigalil stays in your mind. Cameraman S.Vaithi gives a real look to the film. In conclusion, this film was brilliantly tuned according to audience and every character featuring was characterized well according to their turn. Danush played remarkable role and Prakash Raj Gesture was really brilliant, Shreya looking good in love scene.

Thiruvilayadal Arambam totally a Love-Entertainment-Comedy Movie.

Verdict: Pacca Entertainment

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