Review – Thiruvannamalai

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Star-casts: Arjun, Pooja Gandhi, Karunaas, Sai Kumar, Sudha and many others
Banner: Kavithalaya Productions
Production: K. Balachandar, Pushpa Kandasamy
Direction: Perarasu
Music: Srikanth Deva

It’s a grand fiesta for all the fans of Perarasu and Action King Arjun. What else can you expect more from this combo other than lots of punch dialogues, Kuthu songs, comedy tracks, unlimited fight sequences, with cameras turning up and down and left and right? Sometimes, it may knockdown you causing nausea if you are seated at the front rows while watching this film. The film has nothing such called an impressive storyline with a kinky theme, but a clichéd commercial masala of hero fighting against baddie and winning the hearts of people.

The film opens with a big clash between Eeswaran (Arjun) and a local MLA (Sai Kumar). Later follows the film involving Eeswaran contesting for elections against the MLA and putting down their evil deeds. Unbearable to his son’s actions, Eeswaran’s mother takes him for a Thiruvannamalai where a Saadhu (Arjun himself) offers him blessings and advice. His statement is about settling down bad things with peaceful approach while Eeswaran has no idea about it. As a matter of fact, both of them agree to interchange their places to experience the different scenarios and rest of the film follows action packed Jyothi where everyone’s seat burn hot…

Arjun with his usual performance on dual roles as a Swamiji and a local cable TV operator. What a directorial by Perarasu? He is worthy bagging the most prestigious awards of ‘Golden Globe’, ‘Oscars’ and what not? Better he can make disclaims at beginning of the film that it’s a pure entertainer for cheap audiences and of towns and villages. It’s very funny with the introduction of Arjun on why he tears cloth where child is laid….

How long will the villains keep yelling at a loud voice like a half drunk gorillas are an unanswerable question. The motif was quite good when Saadhu and a lay man agree to shift their locations for different experiences. But finally, getting to watch Saadhu displaying his Kung Fu and stunning fights are ridiculous. What does he want to convey for the audiences? Is it only through bad force of action and evil that a person can put an end to evil forces?

Musical score by Srikanth Deva is again a great torture for the audiences. Can’t this man score music at least a song favorable for audiences? None of these songs in the recent venture including this one is really nice. Ditto to his background score where he uses ‘Danda Danda’ as the background music. Even for the most patriotic song like ‘Sare Jahan Se Accha’, this brainless musician blends them with a fast beat Kuthu rock while Arjun shows the pictures of Mahatma, MGR, and Rajnikanth to Pooja Gandhi.Cinematography by Padmesh doesn’t work more and of course you expect more than such work for a commercial film.

On the whole, it’s a ridiculous film to watch for miniscule audiences who are fond of watching avant-garde filmmakers. While for other centres, it’s a great commercial Panchamirutham…

Bottom – Line: Cold-cocking your brains

Verdict: Watch it if you can

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