Review – Thirumagan

Review – Thirumagan

Cast : S.J.Suryah, Meera Jasmine, Vijaya Kumar, Radha Ravi, and Others
Producer : V Creations – “Kalaipuli S.Thanu”
Director : M.Rathna Kumar
Music : Deva

Story with Village tilt has its own impact on Kollywood, invasion of foreign culture on Kollywood face several critics from both rural background & Middle class audience, who are the major money bank of Kollywood. At the same time films like Paruthi Veeran and Thirumagan has something to do with rural background, interestingly for the first time S.J Surya enacted in the role of a rural village youth and Meera Jasmine in Village make up was another plus for this movie. Meera Jasmine’s young and exciting acting is worthwhile, besides Meera Jasmine & S.J Surya scenes seems to be tempting, and director interest towards a Glamour role, brings Malavika for one song. In order to show the sentiment, the director has brought huge star cast like Ranjith, Manivannan, Ilavarasu and Saranya in supportive roles.

Debutant director Rathnakumar, had initiated a new trend for S.J Surya, which suits him perfect, though the story has tradition concept of cinema, but director has narrated a brilliant screenplay to minimize the shadow of old concept. And song sequences and the daily village happenings has been captured in right way and brings the real picture of the village setup, most parts of the film was captured in and around Theni district in which director highlighted the whole story of Thirumagan.

Typical family sentiments and father-son relation is the crux of the story. Thangapandi (Surya) son of Malaisamy (Vijaykumar) once they where are rich enough and honest family, because of his honesty village people has lot of respect and love on Malaisamy family. Cinema rules, Thangapandi fall in love with Mayyakka( Meera Jasmine ) a pot maker, who spend his life by selling the clay pot. In unavoidable circumstance Thangapandi & Mayyakka affairs start to grow steadily and Thangapandi also pledge to marry Mayyakka. Here comes Rasaathi ( Preethi Varma ), relative of Thangapandi grace about Thangapandi, but Thangapandi never turned up to Rasaathi’s call on marriage.

Now, real threat comes from Sivalingam(Radha Ravi) a rich landlord in the village, who is willing to make alliance with his friend Malaisamy, about marriage between Thangapandi and Sivalingam’s Daughter Vairam (Lakshana), Malaisami also very happy about the marriage plan, at the meantime due to some mishap Malaisamy passed away, with keeping a statement that Thangapnadi & Sivalingam’s Daughter Vairam promise alive.

Then the story revolves around the Thangapandi-Sivalingam-Mayyakka axis, the director kept the S.J Surya to keep ticking on whether to fulfill the father’s promise or getting along with Mayyakka. Sentiment, packed with action really worked out well in Thirumagan. In accordance with village line, Deva music keeps us alive. At last in Thirumgan S.J Surya tried to do something with acting.

But the real soul of the film is missing through out the film, but at last S.J Surya shows some of his acting skills. Hats off to the director Rathna Kumar for his brilliant work in story milieu.


Verdict : Average

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