Review – Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru

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Star-casts: Ajmal, Rupa, Mouli and others
Production: Satyam Cinemas, Real Images
Direction: Nandini
Music: Manisharma

Don’t judge the book by its cover. We never believed in such a saying prior to release of ‘Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru’. But, there were no options left precisely after watching it. Of course, we would just make it straight, the promos and posters weren’t much appealing and Nandini seems to have designed them inspired by hundreds of Bollywood movies where hero and heroine are spotted cheerful.

But sorry to say! Nandini – the gold medalist should’ve attempted for something bigger. She has got those traits of making them so. Regrettably, ‘T4’ falls short in place sans unique formulas. In simple terms, the film is loosely based on yesteryear comedy-entertainer ‘Arangetra Velai’ directed by Fazil. Lately, Nandini has just changed the characterization of kidnapped victim from a teenage girl into a small baby. Nothing else does the film falls on the poles apart from ‘AV’.

The film is about couple of youngsters: Arjun (Ajmal) and Archana (Rupa) working in an advertising agency. They are so contrastive in nature that each other keep getting on criticisms. But nothing stops them from going well, until situations urge them to do so. With their boss Srinivasan (Mouli) left in speculative stake, both of them have got to a find a beautiful baby for shooting a commercial advertisement. But merely, when they find the right one, the young lad and missy are into the box of serious trouble as the kid is actually kidnapped. Now they keep rushing towards places on finding the parents and seek their permission to shoot the commercial.

Hahahah! Nice story isn’t? No issues, if the stories are similar as everything may fall into similarities without one’s knowledge. On the pars, what stops the film from going so far above our expectations is a not so-appealing trait. Ajmal looks so idle and doesn’t suit the role. A guy who had stunned us with his terrific performance in ‘Anjathey’ isn’t supposed to accept such kind of offers. Rupa looks hyper-active and Nandini seems to be posing her for glamorous quotient here and there.

It is something unnecessary. Things look caricatured when it comes to onscreen chemistry between Ajmal and Rupa. They aren’t emotionally reacting to situations and not romantically great.

Mouli steals the show with commendable performance and he’s the man worth mentioning throughout the show.

Cinematography is perfect. But everything seems to have been handled in post production with grading of every frame. Anyways, much people wouldn’t know about this and it’s just colorful according to them. Musical score by Manisharma isn’t appealing and background score is mediocre.

Finally, ‘Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru’ will make some good collection at multiplexes and there are no chances of surviving at single screens. But, it’s really unimaginable ‘T4’ was produced at a cost of Rs.2Crores. Sorry to say! Satyam Cinemas and Real Images could’ve opted for yet more gripping project for such a big budget.

Bottom – Line: Middling in parts

Verdict: Average