Review – Thillalangadi

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Banner: Sun Pictures, Jeyam Company
Production: Editor Mohan, Kalanidhi Maaran
Direction: Jeyam Raja
Star-casts: Jeyam Ravi, Thamannah, Shyam, Vadivelu, Santhanam, Mansoor Ali Khan, Prabhu, Livingstone, Thyagu, Sathyan, Mayilsamy, Deepu, Suhasini, Nalini, Lakshmi, Latha Rao, Chandra Lakshman, Lollu Sabha Manohar, John Vijay, Balaji, Jayaprakash and Raja
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

The remake ‘Rajahs’ are back in action with the 5th consecutive remake. Just as it happened before in all their 4 films, they have blatantly reproduced the same stuffs from ‘Kick’. The original version directed by Surendar Reddy featured Ravi Teja and Ileana in lead roles. Now, with ‘Thillalangadi’ nothing seems to be changed as even the costumes have been replicated over and again in every frame.

Set in backdrops of Malaysia, the film opens with parents of Nisha (Thamannah) fixing marriage with Krishna Kumar (Shaam), who has traveled all the way to foreign country for a mission of catching a thief. Just as both of them start shooting a breeze; Nisha narrates the bitter experiences with her ex-boyfriend Krishna (Ravi). Nothing worries Krishna in his life as he wants ‘Kick’ in each and everything he does. As Krishna keeps changing his jobs, it literally irritates Nisha gradually leading to break up. When both Nisha and Krishna cop agree to get married, it is uncovered that both Nisha’s ex-boyfriend and the thief Krishna is looking for are the same. Then begins the game of cat and mouse between the cop and thief with a touching reason behind his robbery being exposed…

Jeyam Raja has done his best of completely reproducing every quotient of original version. Jeyam Ravi keeps imitating Ravi Teja over the dialogue deliveries while Thamannah assumes herself to be Ileana herself. The way she bends her hips and buttocks has been gawkily captured by the cameraman. Raja doesn’t even know the things that have to be deleted, modified while remaking a film. At least, he could’ve read the reviews of Telugu ‘Kick’ and corrected himself. Its almost like a famous quotation ‘Ee Adichan Copy’.

Thamannah has to create her own style as she imitates each and everyone in the remake versions. When it was Kareena Kapoor in ‘Kanden Kadhalai’, she completely behaves like Ileana over here. Shaam is the only convincing part in this remake as he comes up with a rocking performance. Santhanam is wasted and the way he utters ‘Aah’ just as Ali in ‘Kick’ is too bad. Vadivelu throws a laugh riot with his body language and dialogues. In spite of his characterization being imitated from Brahmanandam, Vadivelu sways to his best. Prabhu as Ravi’s father is good while Radha Ravi is okay.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical score is good at parts as ‘Sol Pecchu Ketkaadha’ is a nice number and has been splendidly shot. Cinematography and editing don’t get proper prominence. The first half of the film moves with fun and jolliness with the main story behind pushed into the second hour. And again, the second half is too lengthy as it makes you bored. Somehow, a pleasing flashback and adventurous climax that reminds off Surya’s ‘Ayan’ is honky-dory of its kind.

If Jeyam Raja has the intention of making money with such remakes, it’s well and good. But if he has any plans about being a creative person, he has to try something more innovative.

Bottom – Line: Dubbed version of KICK

Verdict: Raja’s ‘Thillalangadi’

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