Review – Thamirabarani

Review – Thamirabarani

Cast : Vishal, Banu, Prabhu, Nadhiya and Others
Producer : Vijaya Productions
Director : Hari
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Vishal, continued his trademark in Thamirabarani too. Hari netted the family bonding with the help of Vishal as major portion of the film highlighted sentiments and family bonding which was not new to Tamil cinema. Vishal seems very comfortable in acting in Village Subject because from Sandakozhi to Thamirabarani, Vishal is always interested in family subjects with 2% Sentiment & 98% Action. Director Hari has brought huge film cast like Prabu, Nasser, Rohini, Manorama and Nadhiya to rescue the film, from going down.

Regarding the story, Bharani(Vishal) thunderous, brave man with lot of love towards his family. Bharani and his mother (Rohini) live with Saravanan(Prabu) along his mother (Manorama) in a remote village. In, another village PVS family (peopled by Nadhiya, Vijayakumar and Nasser), And Heroine Banu (Banu) too. Both Saravanan & PVS family’s are Relatives sometime ago but Saravanan fondness for his sister (bharani’s mother) triggered conflict between Saravanan and his wife Sakunthala(Nadhiya), then they lived apart from each other. Without aware of the situation Bharani loves Banu vise versa. Bharani has right to marry Banu and he fights for his Murai Ponnu forms the rest of the story.

The story is not new to Kollywood, still Film Casts (Prabu, Nadhia, Nazzer) Acting are sure to attract peoples from all the sides, apart from that dialogue delivery and Comedy narration tried out by director really worked well. New face Banu, look similar like typical village girl. And music scored by Yuvan sounds Ok. Director narrated the whole story based on the characters, which minimized the story in long run.

Action, songs, sentiment & Love, a perfect Masala Movie cooked by the director is sure to taste the success.


Verdict: Average

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