Review – Siva Manasula Sakthi

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Star-casts: Jeeva, Anuya, Aarya, Santhanam, Oorvasi and others.
Banner: Vikatan Talkies
Story Screenplay and Direction: Rajesh
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Camera: Sakthi Saravanan

For those multiplex audiences who were quite worried for the fact that Tamil filmmakers aren’t gearing up for flicks savoring to their tastes, here’s something special… Yup! Siva Manasula Sakthi indeed had a perfect title earlier as ‘SMS’. It was so peppy and stylish that it had to be rechristened later… Well, for Jeeva it’s a great change for he hasn’t something special in his performance but as a chilled-up youngster.

Debutant Rajesh gears up for a best debut… At most parts of the film, he seems to have been influenced a lot from Bollywood films. But nothing everything’s perfect… Oh! That reminds us about how a film called ‘Sakkarakatti’ was made. Spare us if you’ve made us disturbed uttering the name of this home video…

Like it happens in most of the love stories, hero and heroine’s meeting happens over a train journey.. For instance, even the stations of departure and arrival are the same as in Vaaranam Aayiram where you’ve Surya and Sameera Reddy catching up…

As the train journey, it’s about Shiva (Jeeva) and Sakthi (Anuja) introducing themselves as bigwigs… Being a courier boy, Shiva pretends to be a part in Indian Army Services while Sakthi is nowhere far from him. She’s a radio jockey and tells him that her job is associated with Thai Airlines. Eventually, there’s we get to see that their job positions are revealed. Sakthi earns for his family’s bread and butter by taking up courier carriages. Most of the times, he is spotted along with his roadside romeo (Santhanam). Sooner, the young lad and missy get attracted to each other. But things are topsy-turvy once Sakthi’s dad finds a perfect match for her. For your greater surprise it’s Arun (Aarya) on the screens. Meanwhile Siva makes Sakthi realize that his love for her is insatiable and that goes to the more extended level that fall for each other romantically mesmerized for a night… But everything’s not fine and cool for next minutes as there are more ego clashes involved.

Jeeva is great in his performance on all situations. Be it playing pranks, during his tiffs with egoistic nature or adhered to emotions, he’s off with top-notching spell. Anuya is alluring and stylish in her looks. She never makes us doubt that she’s new to the screens and eventually, she will have a great time in Kollywood. Santhanam makes his best on comedy tracks with Jeeva, but it’s Oorvasi who causes you stomachache with her continual comedy tracks. In particular, the highlighting feature is about her act in penultimate sequences. Sathyan on the pars, fills the space on this panorama. Aarya on his guest appearance is nice to watch, especially for the girls. If you had seen him as a agory in his last week’s release ‘Naan Kadavul’, he’s so charming in this look.

Yuvan’s song is quite laudable though not catching up your senses. Cinematography is again a mediocre and ditto to editing. Rajesh’s screenplay could’ve been worked far more better for a best show. Anyhow, this itself looks great and entertaining.

On the whole, Siva Manasula Sakthi is a pleasant film to watch for the weekend or your evening after hard-day work… It’s cool and stupefying especially for the youngsters. Maybe, it’s bit odd for C centres and that we can figure out after couple of days…

For now, our advice is to watch this film without any expectations and chill out…

Bottom – Line: A Good Flick to watch

Verdict: Nice… good job by Rajesh