Review – Silambattam

Star-casts: Silambarasan, Prabhu, Sana Khan, Sneha, Santhanam, Nirosha and many others.
Banner: Lakshmi Movie Makers
Production: K. Muralidharan
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: S. Saravanan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Precisely, few directors and actors make us feel they are worthy getting ennobled as ‘Pudden-headed’ ones. There’re auteurs peaking to churn the best flicks and here we find other filmmakers crafting a tale meant for pie-eyed audiences. We’re sure a film buff may get annoyed getting stuck in a seat watching this flick for 150mins. Perhaps, ‘B’ and ‘C’ centre and ardent fan of Simbhu may sing appraisals of his show.

Indeed, few actors of Kollywood must be given to render a lecture on what’s the difference between a ‘Dance’ and ‘Gymnastics’?

Fine! Let’s not keep it embroiled for this may turn to be an exclusive from a review….

‘Silambattam’ – “It’s a movie that will showcase the best potentials of mine” said Silambarasan and of course, he’s right. But he has to make that is he making films for his sake, his fans or universal audiences? If it’s all about satisfying himself, his family members and diehard fans, better he can get stuck producing a ‘Home Video’.

It’s the most speculative venture of Lakshmi Movie Makers by roping in few actors sans versatility. You’ll enjoy watching Silambattam if you’ve got cognizance left at dustbins. You’ll love it more if you have a great welcome for filthy jokes, obscenity and more of underrated attributes.

Set at the backdrops of Kumbakonam, Vicchu (Silambarasan) is an innocent-chap servicing as temple priest in temple. His grandfather (Nedumudi Venu) doesn’t want his Vicchu to be a brave hero taming down the bullies. In fact, he avoids salt and spicy foods so that such impacts are not created on his senses by the food he consumes. Jaanu (Sana Khan), an orthodox Brahmin but a chatter-box is in love with him… Everything is fine and cool until Vicchu witnesses a handicapped man being charged by hefty hit-men in temple. Vicchu saves the man who is so shocked as well surprised as he sees his face and immediately the news about him reaches Muthuvel (Prabhu), who’s in prison…

So, who’s this Muthuvel? What he has got to do with Vichu? Why Vichu’s grandfather is so keen on letting him be cowardice is all that you see in the latter half.

Silambarasan can better remake some of Hollywood’s best films if he hasn’t got a good theme to gear up with. Being a talented starlet in town, he has been spoiling his career by adapting certain aspects that never suits him. Taming down 15men at a time is something ridiculous and even Tollywood directors have started thinking about good compositions. Well, it’s just his dance that makes us gather our hands for grand applause. Better he can avoid uttering punch dialogues, with sound effects accompanying his gestures…. ‘Please Simbhu… We want something unique and you have that potential… You can make something different’.

Filthy jokes are something that you cannot enjoy it with your family members. Can’t zero down the exact individual brimming up with such factors. Anyways both Director Saravanan and Simbhu are to be blamed.

Sana Khan (The Ninetythara) as she criticized Nayanthara for being a spiritless actress with clichéd performance made us think about a great actress is there in town. And again, she doesn’t fill the screen space with her good performance. Her looks are just as a glamorous white-doll inside showcase… Better to call her ‘soulless Barbie-girl’.

Prabhu is the one who solaces with his top-notching performance while Sneha has nothing to do on special quotients. Santhanam spells his best on humor quotients while Karunaas lacks solidity in importance. Kishore is sure to turn as a pakka Telugu villain.

Director Saravanan could’ve kick-started his directorial venture with a gripping script. Mathi’s cinematography is middling and Don Max’s spot editing is quite ‘disturbing’. Yuvan’s background doesn’t exceed your expectations while songs are mediocre on screen.

On the whole, ‘Silambattam’ is a flick that is better to avoid watching if you are lovers of pure cinema. Indeed, it’ an underrated films with inappropriate substances for universal audiences. This is a film that a frontbencher and Simbhu fan will die watching it.

Bottom – Line: Another letdown from Simbhu

Verdict: You’ll regret watching this film.

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