Review – Sila Nerangalil

Review – Sila Nerangalil

Production: New Light Productions
Direction: Jayaraj
Starring: Vincent Asokan, Navya Nair, Vineeth, Sriman, Raghuvaran, Ramesh Khanna, Sukumari and many others.
Music: Srikanth Deva
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Cinematography: Rajvel
Art: Muthuraj
Dialogues: Pattukottai Prabhakar

Director Jayaraj making successful venture in God’s own country marks his debut in Kollywood with a different genre. Way back in home, Jayaraj made successful films like Rain Rain Go Away, 4 The People and many more getting acclaimed with National award. His entry into Tamil film industry was most expected and Sila Nerangalil is gonna decide his future in Kollywood.

Come on! Ease yourselves back to the chair and we have the well analyzed review for Sila Nerangalil.

The story goes this way…

The film opens with Anjali (Navya Nair) struck by a nightmare of herself getting killed by an unknown person. Waking up from the dream she finds herself in a van heading to a health clinic that is run by catholic community. Nurse who gets her along with couple of children informs a nun that she is being affected experiencing Tsunami. Anjali has lost her identity and doesn’t know who she is and anything about her background?

Now the nun takes the help Joe (Vincent Ashokan), a health trainee hosting his own rehabilitation centre taking care of physically and mentally challenged persons. Anjali is now taken care by Joe at his centre, but the nightmare continues to haunt her. However, a psychiatrist (Raghuvaran) after reading the news of whereabouts of Anjali voluntarily arrives to get her back to normal condition. Meanwhile Joe and Anjali fall in love with each other and sooner they realize that both of them spouses and the nightmare is nothing but the real life incident that happened in previous lifetime.

The previous lifetime of both these characters is set at the backdrop of 1966, where Chidambaram (Vincent Ashokan) stabs his wife (Navya Nair) with a great misunderstanding that she has an illegal affair with his friend Mahadevan (Vineeth), a famous playback singer of that time.

But this isn’t the truth and Joe sets out to find out the mystery hidden in his past life and this will land him in a more complicated situation unable to resist.

Well! Hats off to the director Jayaraj for making such a wonderful movie with a dramatic narration. His ability to shape up well defined characters on his option for best performers makes it perfect on the screen. Speaking about Vincent Ashokan, he keeps up the spirit rendered by his father Ashokan and in no way he goes different from his dad. Be it a normal situation, action, romance or anything, he does emote stupendously marking his contribution to the positive traits of the film. Navya Nair does a good job in bringing out the best emotions, but you see, she overacts a lot for the olden song where she trips her toe with Vineeth. Raghuvaran with a decent effort carries other part of the film on his shoulder. Vineeth looks more apt with the roles: one as in olden time and his dance makes him more highlighted. His get-up as an old man gets him more credit.

Adding to the humor part is Ramesh Khanna with his parallel comedy tracks and sometimes along with the situations.

Director Jayaraj draws a simple question for us to put forth on him. The characterization of small boy with stammering speech looks good and he fails to maintain that when he is grown and suddenly appears with same features.

As of in general, there is nothing much to point out on the negative side. Songs could have been done better more and Srikanth Deva has it all good with his background scoring.

Watch Sila Nerangalil with your logics partially left outside theatres. Nothing much to worry about it. This is a good movie that will make you feel that you have watched a good movie for 2 hours.

Bottom-Line: A fantabulous movie

Verdict: Worth-watching…

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