Review – Sevval

Star-cats: Bharath, Poonam Bajwa, Simran, Sampath, Vadivelu, Rajesh and many others
Production: Jinnah Creations
Story, screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Hari
Music: G.V. Prakash
Cinematography: Priyan

Nothing one aspect so impressive in Hari’s Diwali release ‘Sevval’ and his biggest flaw was penning the same old clichéd story of brother-sister sentiments. For the goodness sake, Hari should have noticed the trends transcending in Kollywood and should have brimmed up with something new for the audiences. Usually, reports would have stated that Hari’s flick is mainly centered at ‘B’ and ‘C’ centres. But not actually does this film do any favor to those centres too. Even a villager wouldn’t like this film, for he would have watched it around millions of times with the same genre…

Right from the opening till the end, everything is predictable from the audience’s part. Be it opening shot where Murugesan (Bharath) sets out from Prison in 2008, everything is predictable that he should have murdered somebody or else accepted the murderous act (As Vishal does in Thamirabharani). Indeed, much prior to interval, even with an incognizant creature would guess why the protagonist is out from prison.

The flashback reveals that Murugesan was a kind of aggressive youngster who has no goals to score in his life. His only companion is his uncle Thabal Thangavel (Vadivelu) and you’ve got limited series of comedy tracks expected from them. But, you don’t find much in the latter half. Murugesan falls for his village girl Paarijatham (Poonam Bajwa), daughter of a temple priest (Y.G. Mahendran). Paarijatham is well-pampered by her elder sister Gayathri (Simran) who gets married to the person (Prem) whom her father arranged. Amidst of this, love blooms between young lad and missy while her antagonistic relative (Krishna) eyes for her with lust and you’ve village feudal Lord (Sampath) in hand with him …

All of sudden, Gayathri dies after delivery suffering from Cancer laying the new born baby on the hands of Paarijatham. As the close relatives, force her to marry sister’s husband for taking care of child, she is wedged emotionally and on the pars, she is stuck with the evil-doer cousin and feudal Lord.

Will Murugesan able to save her out of their clutches and shore her on safer ground forms crux of the story?

Bharath hasn’t done anything such appreciable in his previous flicks except few and Sevval adds to the list of his long queued flop shows. It would nice if Hari answers to it on why did he opt for Bharath? Might be, none of the leading actors didn’t want to be a part of this silly bored film.

Poonam Bajwa may turn to be favorite for young lads for pleasant and homely looks. But on the terms of performance, she is Zero. She has to work a lot and gear up for a better presentation. Simran does justice to her role and she is the only convincing factor that Hari can present to us. Vadivelu carries off the film to certain extent but nothing to extraordinary level. Even that offers a whole lot of boredom after sometimes in the dragging screenplay…

Sampath being a good actor should surely refuse such silly roles that zillions have played over periods.

G.V. Prakash adds one more to the list of disappointments for neither songs nor background score really sound good… Priyan’s cinematography and V.T. Vijayan’s editing offers strength to Hari’s typical screenplay of moving it…

Valuating ‘Sevval’ on the whole, there is nothing much interesting from the part of Hari… It’s full of more annoyance that you heed to after watching this film.

Bottom – Line: Distorted flick from Hari

Verdict: Specially for ‘D’ graded audiences

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