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Review – Sathanai

Review – Sathanai

Cast : Kishan, Tara, Jayasree, Jackie Sheroff, Sourav Chukla and Others
Producer : VC Film Makers
Director : Master Kishan
Music : S. Pream Kumar

On the first Hand Team appreciates the Director-cum-Actor Kishan for his brilliant contribution to cinema industry. Children’s most of them moves around Play ground with there colleagues, but Kishan At the Age of 9 he has directed one full fledge film on his own and he himself acted in Lead role. Kishan began his cinema career, he acted in 24 Movies overall and 1000 of Tele- serials in Kannada apart from his regular activity he is very keen in narrating the stories which induced him to direct the latest release Sathanai. By, directing the film “Sathanai” at the age of 9, Master Blaster Kishan entered into the Gunnies world record as the youngest ever person to direct a motion film

Sathanai, this is real life incident which has persuaded master Kishan to make a film. The story moves around a small boy whose intention to study well, but his poverties and societal approach pulls him back, but boys succeeding the race with his confidence.

As a small Boy rescued from a roadside beggar and brought up lovingly by an old lady. And he spends his time helping the old lady, collecting garbage’s; at the same time he has the eagerness to study, but poverty stricken small boy can’t able to go school. In one circumstance a convent boy insults Kishan, which articulated the him to go school, due to procedural Formalities School refuses to accept Kishan’s admission. Meanwhile teacher Thara and his colleague rending there help to Kishan to continue his studies up to standard 10th. Again Society and School refuse Kishan appeal to appear for public exam, this news spreads across the country, at last with the support of Public the government changing the rule for him and allowing him to attend the exam.

The story conveys lot of meaning full thoughts to the society instead of criticizing the movie all should watch the film especially for children’s should allow watching the movie. And we should also appreciate actors Tara, Jayasree, Jackie Sheroff and Sourav Chukla for there contribution. Under the VC filmmaker Banner R.B.Sreeraamulu, G.Shanmugam produces this film and Music was scored by S. Pream Kumar.


Verdict : Below Average

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