Review – Sarvam

Star-casts: Aarya, Trisha, JD Chakravarthy, Indrajith, Master Rohan, Krishna, Prathap Pothan and many others.
Banner: Ayngaran Films International
Production: Karunamoorthy, Arun Pandian
Direction: Vishnuvardhan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Precisely, you’ve the story revealed at the very beginning much before the title credits starts appearing… A verse from Upanishad ‘Death is the beginning of new life’ comes along later as you watch a great bully fight on blurred vision going on in a dark night at forest with heavy rain. Cut to… you’ve the title song of ‘Adada Vaa’ with cute stylish Aarya (appearing in complete contrast from his previous ‘Naan Kadavul’ shaking his legs.

Karthik (Aarya), a young civil engineer falls in love at first sight with Sandhya (Trisha) a child pediatrician. Alternatively, Eeshwar (JD Chakravarthy), a football coach with psychotic nature is furiously running behind Naushad (Indrajith) and swears to kill his son Imman (Rohan). Reason lying beneath is that Naushad had accidentally hit Eeshwar’s wife and kid to death for his rash careless driving… Eeshwar and his brutal mentality really brings Naushad to a terrific perplex. Meanwhile, Karthik and Aarya are ready for their marriage and generally get involved for a cycle race for a small witty tiff across Elliots Beach Road. Right on the one house’s top, Imman and his friends are flying a Kite…

Here’s something more shocking that will turn everyone’s life topsy-turvy leading to unexpected twists and turns.

The story isn’t so spectacular or unusual as you perceive it to be. But, Vishnuvardhan in his past has been getting with best narration even with films not bounded with substantial contents a la Arindhum Ariyamalum, Pattiyal and his debut ‘Kurumbu’….

The film has quite some inspirations from various Hollywood and World Cinemas. Every frame in the film has good compositions and Vishnu’s involvement in every technical aspect is more revealing.

Getting on with performance, there isn’t much a prodigious show by Aarya as in ‘Naan Kadavul’. Purely, this is a director’s film and every characterization has been exquisitely depicted. Right before the intermission, Aarya’s take on reacting to a shocking thing is really brilliant… Trisha has been beautifully reveled for the first time and her costume designing-make overs are good. Indrajith on a new dimensioned look from his previous Malayalam movies is something more surprising. JD Chakravarthy steals the show and he overbeats every character. Don’t miss the Dog Bruce that has a strong character to perform.

Musical score by Yuvan isn’t as appealing as in his previous with this director. ‘Adada Vaa’, ‘Sutta Suriyana’ and ‘Siragugal’ are a good piece of work.

Cinematography by Nirav Shah and animation team has peaked with interesting visuals.

With an open ending, Vishnuvardhan presents his director’s touch in climax.

On the whole, ‘Sarvam’ is a worth watching movie and winner of this season. Followed by worst shows like ‘Villu’ and ‘Aegan’, Ayngaran Productions has a good reason to rejoice.

Bottom – Line: Vishnu’s another hallmark

Verdict: Sleek screenplay makes it grand.

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