Review – Saroja

Starring: Jayaram, Prakash Raj, Sampath, Siva, Vaibhav, Premji Amaran, SPB Charan, Vega, Nikitha and many others.
Banner: Amma Creations
Production: T.Siva
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Venkat Prabhu
Music Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Sakthi Saravanan
Editing: Praveen-Srikanth

Fun and Frolic remains the basic concept of Venkat Prabhu. Striding with success in his debut directorial Chennai 600028 with emotions and fun blended, Saroja is a edge-seated thriller with lots of fun. In simple, the genre of comedy-thriller is something new to Kollywood and Venkat Prabhu does it the right way. Not a big star-casts or top-charting technicians in the unit: so what does it make Saroja, an excellent film? Stupendous screenplay of a simple script with equal show of emotions, thriller and comedy does make it unique. Still makes us wondering, why the most leading producers in the town didn’t realize the potential of Venkat Prabhu and offer him the chance. Congratulations and heartily thanks to Producer Siva for opting for the right director….

So, what does Saroja center on? Anything tried with a different script? Not at all….

An already foreseen stories revolving around a son or daughter of a rich tycoon abducted for money: protagonist getting onto the help the parents in rescuing them. Saroja travels on the similar storyline, but the narration is more and much different.

Ajay Raj (Shiva) a TV artist, Ganesh (Premgi) a fun guy, and two brothers Jagapathi Babu (S.P.B Charan) and Ram Babu (Vaibhav) are close friends residing in Chennai, who kill their time catching up together. Saroja (Vega), 12th standard student is the daughter of richest businessman Viswanathan (Prakash Raj) in Hyderabad. Both the parents don’t have concern for their daughter as they keep going on their own ways. All these characters are well established with their own lives unlinked. But there takes a turn of twist, when the four youngsters head Hyderabad for a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Well, things get frizzled obstruction as a heavy container lorry is turned upside down on the road due to an accident. With no option left, they take their own way assuming it to be the short cut to Hyderabad. Meanwhile, Viswanathan receives a phone call that his daughter has been abducted and they demand for money. He takes the aid of his close friend Ravichandran (Jayaraman), assistant commissioner of police.

Getting through the short-cut route, they get more tightened up with the route they travel on. They haven’t gone through it before. Over there, they find something mysterious happening there and it more horrific for them when a police officer is murdered by group of unknown people murdered. However, they escape from the place without any troubles and while they are yet to catch a goods train that is running by the place, Jagathpathy Babu realizes that he has dropped his purse over there that carries his identity card and all his details. With no option left, all of them return to the same place and find that a girl has been tied there and it is none other than Saroja. Well, they get her freed and run together outside fighting against the baddies. But things aren’t so simple as they expected. Again starts a roller coaster ride of thriller with unexpected twists and turns.

All the 4 characters have done an excellent job that is so naturalistic and none of them are caricatured by Venkat Prabhu. They are so real on the screen making us feel they one amongst us. They way they handle the situation with their brilliance and inability to fight in action is so pure and realistic. Prakash Raj and Jayaram have done splendid jobs doing justice their roles. Premgi Amaran steals the show with his enchanting rib-trickling comedy tracks. However, may be so serious the situation, Premgi keeps working out his comedy. Especially, saying the dialogues of Vijay and Rajnikanth’s Sivaji dialogues, ‘Cool’, ‘I was cornered, I was helpless’ are awesome and mind blowing as they raise us from our seats and applaud with great laugh.

Venkat Prabhu’s narration style is somewhat relevant to Babel and Bollywood flick Sunday. The time display shown on the screen is somewhat the same we see in Sunday…. Some the sequences do resemble Mysskin’s Anjathey, but up to certain extent.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical score adds more to the film, but songs are really not necessary. Yup! 2.45 hrs of thriller and songs doesn’t get merely matching up for the screenplay. Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography is really nourishing with richness and top-notched quality. Especially, 98% of the film shot in dark night is a stupendous work. Praveen-Srikanth editing works strengthens up the thriller and tension. But, there is bit of immature works by using lots of plug-ins as much as possible.

Venkat Prabhu hits the bull’s eyes with a trenchant piece of work…. Saroja is the best film that can be watched more than once.

Bottom – Line: Simply best and new

Verdict: Must watch film…

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