Review – Sandai

Production: Cinema Paradiso
Story, Screenplay and direction: Shakthi Chidambaram
Starring: Sundar C, Raghini, Nadhiya, Vivek, Napoleon, Raj Kapoor and many others
Music: Dhina

Director Sundar C seems to be striding with his excellent performance in all his films and now he completes his hat-trick with Sanda. Shakthi Chidambaram, known for making commercial flicks with blended with a thick substance of suspense has followed the same cliché. Moreover, we are sure that you will feel the traces of Rajnikanth starrer yesteryear movie Maapillai where superstar and Srividhya stole the show. With the same theme of in-law conflict, Sundar C along with Shakthi Chidambaram have presented with a full-time commercial that will let audience enjoy their time.

The film centers on a billionaire woman Thangalakshmi (Nadhiya) and her daughter Abhinaya (Raghini) enjoying their lives in 20Bangkok. But soon she finds a perfect match for her daughter and she determines to perform the marriage in her own native land of Coimbatore to settle the scores with her brother Pal Pandi (Lal Alex) who challenges her that he will stop the marriage and get it done with his son.

Sooner, he sends his henchmen to get her daughter Abhinaya to his house. Helpless Thangalakshmi finds a local ruffian Katthi who is ready to polish off anything for the sake of money. She gets his help 20in providing security to her daughter and this course of time, past dark history that caused rivalry between these families are revealed and there is something more that Thangalakshmi cant sustain…

If you are thrilled about this, you can up with the second half of the movie…

As mentioned earlier, Director Sundar C stands of shoes of carefully choosing his scripts and confident with his roles. He hasn’t strained a lot to improvise his character and it is just like that he does it. Sundar C looks perfect when it comes to comedy tracks shared along with Vivek. Both of them rock the theatres with the laughter part right from the beginning till the end.

The scene where Vivek and Sundar C comment on=2 0remaking films are the greater extent of limelight and it is a clear-cut piece of Shakthi Chidambaram’s work.

Nadhiya looks stuns everyone with her great and trimmed looks and her dance performance is quite awesome. As of actress Raghini, she hasn’t done anything special here and nothing there to appreciate. She doesn’t possess alluring looks and also with the performance.

Vivek with his humor part carries film on his shoulder, but if he had avoided the lines carrying double-meanings, it would have been more better.

Dheena music is good when you listen and watch it on the screen and don’t whether you would like it after getting out of thea tres. Remix song ‘Vaadi Yen Kappa Kizhange’ is a great entertaining factor.

As a whole, this movie is something you are not supposed to find flaws being rational…

Bottom-Line: A mass entertainer

Verdict: Can watch it to just kill your time…

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