Review – Sakkarakatti

Star-casts: Shanthanu, Vedhika, Ishita and many others
Production: Kalaipuli S Thanu
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Kalaa prabhu
Music: A.R.Rahman

Doubts raised in our minds when Kalaprabhu promoted the film conveying the copy – A Musical Treat by Rahman. It all started off with ideas that the film doesn’t have any rigid story. Well, with Bhagyaraj assuring all of us that he was more enchanted by the story when Kalaprabhu narrated it. Well, the film made be debutant director Kalaprabhu is somewhat good. Compare it with the films (B and C grade Movies) made by other experienced directors who make lots of flaws even after gaining long experience. Without working with any directors, Kalaprabhu has made a direct approach and hats off to him for a good effort.

What is the story actually? What are the actors doing there? These are questions that audiences keep yelling across the theatres all through film. Does Kalaprabhu assume himself to be Karan Johar and Shanthanu as Shah Rukh Khan? What was in their mind while making the story and for God’s sake we would plead the young directors not just make films like this. Many aspiring young filmmakers are there unable to make good films and producer of this film should have picked them up and made good film.

Shanthanu looks cute and best in his performance, but looks like he is imitating any one or the other actors all throughout. ‘Oouch’, ‘We study in the same class and blabbering stuffs to the heroines and speaking English in the foreign slang. All that he depicts of himself is that they are so artificial and decelerating his growth. Or else, the young debutant is so professional in his approach of rendering a naturalistic acting.

Ishita giggles out and breaking out with emotions: this is all she does in the film and Vedhika has been used for what they say in Tamil ‘Uppukku Choppu’ in children’s games. It’s hell losing out of control. And the most pathetic part is that many actors appear and suddenly disappear for the rest of film.

A.R.Rahman is the only convincing factor for the audiences and the computer generated works in all the songs again is great visual treat. The traits of Van Helsing be used for a romantic song ‘Chinnamma Chilakamma’ is pleasing to the kids as well the youngsters. Cinematography and Art Direction have been excellently rendered and they enhance the richness of the visual quality. Especially, the songs have picturized very well and color schemes used by Art Director right throughout the film goes well with the situations and ambiance.

It’s ‘Taxi Taxi’ that will keep audiences cool enjoying moment for few minutes with professional dancers and visual presentation looking perfect. It would have been nice if the song was shot more energetic.

As a whole, Sakkarakatti being the team work of youngsters are really a sort of new venture in Tamil Cinema. If they keep working on more and more efficiently, they would be the best professionals in the Tamil film industry. The film has nothing to get stressed as there are no bloodsheds and violence. It’s a grand fiesta for youngsters as they come, sit back, and watch it..

Bottom – Line: Too sour at times

Verdict: Sincere effort

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