Review – Saamida

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Star-casts: Sembi, Thanushya, Amsadevi, Rahasiya and many others.
Banner: Creative Talkies
Production: Poorna Priya
Direction: Vadivudaiyan
Music: Indrajith
Cinematography: Sri Srinivasa Reddy
Music: Raja Mani

The film had raised the expectations of miniscule audiences with the promos of ‘The entire film has been shot at locales in Kasi’. Perhaps, with Bala’s Naan Kadavul hitting screens by next month, where the entire film has been shot in Kasi and Varanasi too, ‘Saamida’ could get to the attention of few audiences.

Vadivudaiyan has handled story, screenplay, dialogues and direction with attempts of savoring to the tastes of audiences. But does he make it big or go disappointed? Better we can this as a mediocre where the script is rigid while flimsy screenplays eclipse the finest attributes.

The film opens with Maaji (Amsadevi) getting out of prison after 14 yrs and narrating her life story to a writer. Well, it all starts off with our expectations about experiencing a bit of surprising climax.

Way on with Maaji narrates her tale, it’s a flashback where Maaji is a small teenage girl (Neepa) suffering from hungriness in Rama Puram. Soon she is forced and sold out at Red Light Area in Mumbai and as she grows, run her livelihood being a sex-worker. One of her frequent customers marries her after falling in love. But, that doesn’t put an end to the deplorable time of her as soon her lovable husband is stabbed to death as she witnesses it. Unable to bear his death, she soon turns into a bigwig where entire drug-dealings and other illegal activities are carried under her control. A small guy rose by Maaji turns to be her right hand and he does everything according to her words. Soon the grown up guy Saami (Sembi) falls in love with an innocent girl (Thanushya)…

But sooner, Maaji gets to know about it and tries to alienate Saami from Thanushya. Will she be able to get the things under her control or is there something shocking awaited for her forms crux of the story.

Sembi does a decent job as he emotes flawlessly on all occasions. Don’t miss his performance while decides to put an end of Debutant Thanushya deserves good grasps, but she could’ve done merely furthermore better. Amsadevi deserves good appreciations on her part.

Director Vadivudaiyan is somewhat good in his directorial venture and he holds special mention for shifting the tale across various places of India. Yup! The tale travels across Pondicherry, Chalakudi, Ladahk, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai and other exotic locations of Kasi. But there are lots of absurdities as it has no connectivity between certain sequences. Also why the heroine is so attracted to the protagonist is a billion dollar question? Does it mean that ‘Love is blind’?

Cinematographer Srinivasa Reddy has canned best shots of Kasi where certain real life incidents like nude saadhus with inhaling Ganjas. Musical score by Indrajith is not as enchanting as there are lots of songs and Director could’ve avoided this. Background score is good at certain points and can be regarded as good work.

On the whole, Director Vadivudaiyan has tried his level best in churning out a best film. But there is something more solidity lacking in film.

Bottom – Line: Fair to middling piece

Verdict: Below average

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