Review – Rettai Suzhi

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Star-casts: K. Balachandar, Bharathiraja, Aari, Anjali, Manobala, Jayachitra and many others
Banner: S Pictures
Production: Director Shankar
Direction: Thamira
Music: Karthik Raja

With the two biggest legends joining hands together for the first time, the expectations were literally high as the entire town was eagerly looking out for this flick. But regrettably, the film fails to capture the interests of any groups. Don’t call this film to be a children’s movie as the director attempts portraying them overdoing at every sequence. A 10-yr old kid kissing the same age of a girl to express their love much prior to adolescence is a piece of crap. Moreover, it looks like both Balachandar and Bharathiraja never listened to the instructions of Thamira and have kept enacting with their own unique style. The hackneyed screenplay, where the same acts are repeated often by every character is as ridiculous as it turns us restless.

The story is set in a village near Tirunalveli where a 40 year feud between Ramaswamy (K. Balachandar) and Singaravelan (Bharathiraja) keeps the two families, especially the kids dead against each other. Later arrives Murthy (Aari), who still carries the nostalgic memories of his childhood sweetheart Susheela (Anjali) belonging to other family. The kids have now got to strive working to bring the families together so as to unite the couple.

Director Thamira could’ve better made this script as a small screen series as none of his elements are apt for film format. From the very beginning, the film lacks interests as most of the sequences blatantly reminiscences of Pandiraj’s ‘Pasanga’. K. Balachandar and Bharathiraja have been hyper-active all throughout the film. The only convincing part in the film is its climax that turns to be zippy although it’s very much predictable. Karthik Raja’s musical score faintly resembles his father Ilayaraja’s touch. Except the song ‘Para Para Kili’, none of the songs are worthy appreciating. Cinematography by Chezhian requires special mention. Newcomer Aari makes a convincing debut and he can expect a lot of good offers here in K-town. The actor has the ability to emote well on various situations while Anjali steals your heart with her fantastic looks in sari.

Had Thamira came up with an interesting tale with creative screenplay, this film would have been a fabulous entertainer for this season. As of now, it lacks both the quotients that badly disappoint us.

Bottom – Line: Unconvincing effort by Thamira

Verdict: Not a good idea to watch it.

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