Review – Renigunta

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Star-casts: Johnny, Sanusha, Theepatti Ganesh, Tamizh, Nishanth, Sandeep, Bunker and others
Production: Film Fabricators
Direction: R. Panneer Selvam
Music: Ganesh Raghavendra

With previous weeks’ releases dashing down our hopes very badly, ‘Renigunta’ strikes off with a spectacular show. The film has no superstars in lead roles and it’s completely about a magniloquent bang by debutants.

Possibly, there could’ve been more guesses and presumptions amongst you all that ‘Renigunta’ has been inspired from Hollywood’s ‘City of God’ and more films of that sort.

Maybe, the posters would’ve been the same, but the similarities end there. The film has completely new-fangled concept with an interesting screenplay. But there are some flip parts as well. The narration goes little flimsy in latter part. As well family audiences may not prefer watching it due to violence.

The film opens with a group of youngsters running for their lives. Cops are on the hunt and a girl is waiting for someone at a railway station.

The flashback reveals that Sakthi (Johnny) was thrown into prison during his attempt of retaliating his anger on the person who killed his parents. The prison turns to be the nightmarish experience for this young guy as cops beat him black and blue. Apparently, he comes across 4 juvenile criminals, convicted for murder, extorters and theft…

Breaking loose from the prison, these guys barge themselves into a train destined for Mumbai. Their plans are to make their landing in Mumbai and get settled with the money earned for contract killings.

But situations force them to get down at Renigunta. But there’s something these guys will have to embark on. Unexpected encounters with new characters and shocking climax will throw a great impact on you.

Johnny makes a good start. Thanks to his dad Chakravarthy (producer of Nic Arts) for having got a good role for his son. Apart from him, the other guys as well make it stunningly powerful. Sanusha, the newcomer performs well as a physically challenged girl.

Musical score by Ganesh Raghavendra is mind-boggling. Unlike other musicians, who just keep blowing the same trumpets of every situation, this newcomers makes something different. ‘Mazhai Peyum’ by Harish Raghavendra and ‘Vizhigalilae’ by Bombay Jayashree is blissful numbers.

Cinematography has eye-catching visuals while action packed sequences is overpoweringly attractive. But the filmmaker could’ve focused on DI works properly.

Editing by Antony is style and slick, but discontinuities pop up due to several cuts by censor board officials.

Grand applause for Panner Selvam for coming up with a rhetorically grandiloquent film. If he proves of his adeptness over next couple of films, he’s sure to make it big for the next couple of decades doubtlessly over the charts.

Bottom – Line: Strong script overdosed violence

Verdict: Above Average

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