Review – Raman Thediya Seethai

Star-casts: Cheran, Pasupathy, Nithin Satya, Vimala Raman, Karthika, Ramya Nambeesan, Navya Nair, Gajala, Manivannan, Karunaas and many others.
Banner: Moser Baer , Global One
Production: Dhananjayan
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Jaganath
Music: Vidhyasagar

Not just one or couple of aspects , the film cherishes us all throughout with lot of enjoyable parts and it’s a must watch film for it carries whole lot of good messages. Don’t take it for those who are getting married, but the film is so penchant with the message that good hearted people will have best things happening in their lives. It’s not about the importance of individual characters for everyone has got their own defining roles.

Cheran is back with a good clichéd performance as an innocent person who is so open-hearted. The film is about Venu (Cheran), a successful business leading contented life, but hasn’t found a perfect match. The film opens with Venu along with his mother heading to Nagerkoil for his alliance of bride Ranjitha (Vimala Raman) and she is quite happy to marry him. But things break lose out of hell as he reveals about his past days of psychiatric treatment once he got in tougher situation as a hard working student of 12th std. Ranjitha refuses him to get married and then Cheran meets Vidhya (Ramya Nambeesan) daughter of Manivannan. She agrees to marry him and marriage day is fixed. But for unknown reasons, she elopes with her boyfriend from the marriage hall.

Vexed up life, Venu has his hopes dashed down until he meets, a blind RJ Nedumaran (Pasupathy), his lovable wife Tamilisai (Gajala) and their cute girl kid Kayalvizhi. Nedumaran exhilarates Venu with more hope and Tamilisai revealing about their love story and getting married with Nedumaran lightens up Venu.

Manivannan who assures Venu of finding a perfect match moves to Nagerkoil for meeting bride Gayathri (Karthika). But, Venu has lots of shocks and surprises in Nagerkoil where he first met Ranjitha before couple of years. He meets Vidhya who is in a pathetic situation of pregnant and her husband in prison. With her worst situation so pricking, Venu takes her to the hospital where Ranjitha is working as receptionist. On his meeting with Gayathri, he is more fascinated by her active approach and believes that she would marry him. But, entry of auto driver Gunashekaran (Nithin Satya) reveals that both of them are in love.

So, fed up with more and more disappointments, Venu gets a call from Nedumaran in Chennai over the that he has found a perfect match for him who resides in Nagerkoil who is none other than police officer Tamizharasi (Navya Nair) . But this time, situations force him to refuse the girl and who would be finally joining hands with forms crux of the story.

Director Jaganath has purely added the best attributes and traces are there with bit of watching a Malayalam film, so naturalistic is the theme. The very best appealing aspects of the film are the powerful characterizations and perfect star-casts. None of them are left incomplete and their roles extend fully fledged. Pasupathy and Nithin Satya steal the show with their enchanting distinctive performance. We would like to ask Nithin Satya a simple question? Why does he decelerate his career graph by acting in most regretful movies like Pandhayam? Nothing to speak about Cheran for he is as best as in his previous films.

Vimala Raman after Poi makes a great comeback and she delivers a matured performance on the line. Good start by Ramya Nambeesan and her looks good with and san facial make-over. Karthika looks bright in looks and her performance. A brilliant and never before seen acting from Gajala while Navya Nair is as best in her previous films.

One kind request we would like to make on these actresses. You have delivered the best of your skills and don’t ever take up films of skin shows and the roles of shaking legs with Heros and disappearing.

Musical score by Vidhyasagar isn’t so great while cinematography and editing are much perfect in each part of emotions and action oriented scenes.

On the whole, Raman Thediya Seedhai is a worth watching movie sure to be liked by all centres.

Bottom – Line: Cherishing all throughout

Verdict: Don’t miss it…

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