Review – Rajathi Raja

Star-casts: Raghava Lawrence, Snigitha, Kamna Jethmalani, Meenakshi, Karunaas, Bose Venkat and many others.
Banner: Cinema Paradiso
Production: Sakthi Chidambaram
Direction: Sakthi Chidambaram
Music: Karunaas

Alas! Here’s the clumsiest film made ever in Tamil film industry. Hell of the filmmaker Sakthi Chidambaram who has just made the film believing that audiences would go more erotically wooed with glamour quotients and watch the movie again and again. We don’t find the best synonyms for the term ‘Cheaper than Worst’.

It really makes us doubt whether he was the same director who made the film ‘Englishkaaran’ and ‘Kovai Brothers’.

Filthy double-etendre dialogues go unbearable although censor board officials have spared few things. Precisely, if you and I was the member of CBFC, we are sure the film wouldn’t last more than 30mins that’s because of few comedy tracks. Vulgarity, Violence, Unbearable punch dialogues – Three factors wouldn’t gratify the third-rated audiences.

Raja (Raghava Lawrence) hails from a lower-middle class family in Kuttralam. His father’s arms are disembodied due to a drunken doctor’s carelessness on performing a surgery. On his death, he takes a promise from his son to get his three brother occupy the best positions as a cop, doctor and lawyer. Dreams are fulfilled, but again Raja is completely shocked to see that his three brothers aren’t good, but strictly working for the worst deeds ordered by Saidhai Shyla (Mumtaz). Rest of the film is all about how the low class king gears up with his acts of winning evil.

One kind request to Raghava Lawrence! Please don’t ever imitate Rajnikanth. If you’re his diehard fan, kindly express your thanksgiving in his name before title credits. But don’t attempt for his gestures on the screens. One needs to be worthy of uttering punch dialogues. Merely, Mumtaz does a mediocre job while in rest of the portions keeps yelling. Karunaas comedy tracks are bit enjoyable. Rest of the heroines just shows their body as much as possible offering cheap entertainment.

Karunas had composed few commendable tunes in his previous non-movie music albums. But, here the songs are schlockier that it will turn you deaf within the show gets over.

On the whole, Sakthi Chidambaram makes a film that in no way goes appreciable but can be even done better with niche screenplay without over coated masala.

Bottom – Line: Awkward and Pathetic

Verdict: Calamitous experience of watching it.

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