Review – Raavanan

Star-casts: Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Prithviraj, Karthik, Priyamani, Prabhu, Ranjitha, John Vijay
Production: Madras Talkies, Big Pictures
Screenplay – Direction: Manirathnam
Music: A.R. Rahman
Cinematography: Santhosh Sivan, Manikandan
Editing: Sreekar Prasad

The Brand ‘Manirathnam’ doesn’t mean it’s an A-rated film and it should be credited with 5-star rating. We have been the diehard buffs of Manirathnam and have appreciated almost all his films for its unique themes. When his ‘Thalapathy’ was a modernized tale of Hindu Epic ‘Mahabharatha’, this one is a pure adaptation of ‘Ramayanam’. There are many connections that prove of such instances, which in many places look so amateurish and kiddy stuff as well. We never expected such a thing from Manirathnam.

Let’s start off relating the characters and instances marking the ‘Ramayanam’…

But it’s a best thing to mention this as a disclaimer about not hurting the feeling of any religious groups as there may be some sort of contradiction between the characters in this film and epic.

LORD RAMA – DEV – Prithviraj


1. Kumbhakarnan – Characterized as elder brother here with the same nature of being a jovial person – Prabhu.

2. Vibishnan – SAKKARA (Younger brother) – He tries to compromise between both ends – Munna.

3. Shoorpanka – Vennila – She is the main cause of war between two groups – Priyamani.


1. John Vijay threatens Priyamani asking for the hideout of her brother or else would cut her nose.

2. The final fight sequences over the Bridge reminiscences of RAMAR PAALAM.

3. Karthik’s visit to forest meeting Aishwarya Rai marks the famous quotation ‘Kanden Seethai’ of Hanuman to Rama

4. When Vikram is about to shoot Aishwarya Rai in the beginning, there is a conversation about reincarnation. The Epic has Vedhathi committing suicide by walking into fire to escape from the clutches of Raavanan and is reborn as Sita.

5. Prithviraj and Aishwarya Rai moving to Vikramasingapuram is like going for forest life and the region is exactly the same way.

6. 14 years of Vanavaas is compared as 14days of Aishwarya Rai being held as captive.

7. Prithviraj doubting Aishwarya of her chastity is same as the mythology.


The Best 3 appreciable parts in this film:

A. AR. Rahman’s background score and songs

B. Cinematography by Santhosh Sivan and Manikandan

C. Aishwarya Rai’s performance

The Worst 3 Parts

A. With an attempt of narrating the story in new pattern, the filmmaker stumbles down catering to the tastes of universal audiences. The plot is so weak and there isn’t a perfect conflict between any of the characters with substantial reasons.

B. The climax doesn’t end at the point where it should have and unwanted post-Ramayanam war continues here.

C. The flashback is same as in other hundreds of movies that provoke the hero to take revenge.

The deep rooted forests used as the backdrops and cinematography by Santhosh Sivan and Manikandan with their new-fangled shots are really worth appreciative. Manirathnam usually makes his actors to utter dialogues with silent pronunciations and this one is too much. Especially, you don’t tend to hear what’s actually going on between the characters at last.

Priyamani’s flashback sequence isn’t more appealing while Karthik disappears suddenly from the frame on the spur of moment after saving John Vijay’s life.

On the whole, ‘Raavanan’ isn’t appealing on narrative features. The storyline is so stupid and it lacks proper justification and screenplay wise, nothing has been tried new. Dialogues by Suhhasini Maniratnam lacks Clarity and Vision. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is Crisp.

Maybe, the wannabe filmmakers can try watching this film as a patron of Manirathnam while for others; they can get away from opting for this.

Bottom – Line: A mere disappointment

Verdict: A disregarding adaptation of ‘Ramayanam’