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Review – Pokkiri

Review – Pokkiri

Cast : Vijay, Asin, Sriman, Naasar, Prakash raj, Napeoleon
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Director : Prabhu Deva
Produced by : Sathyamurthy

Vijay is something special for Tamil viewers, apart from is regular Fans he was mostly admired by different age group people are major plus for Vijay. After Aadhi, Vijay accepted to do Pokiri for two reasons 1) for the first time choreographer turned Director Prabu Deva directing a film in Tamil 2) already Pokairi Telugu Version went well.

We know Prabu Deva as a choreographer; no doubt Pokkiri will highlight him as a Director. To create a great impact in Kollywood, Director brought huge Star cast Prakash Raj, Napeolean, Asin etc.

Tamizh(Vijay) is notorious criminal, work for Money he dare to do any thing for money and even care about loyalty. He suddenly fall in love with Sruthy(Asin) a Aerobic instructor and there love drags through out the story. A Villan gang attract by Sruthy , threatening Sruthy mother to arrange for wedding, Vijay enter the screen as savoir and he protect Sruthy’s family from the gang members.

Tamizh heroic attitude raised him to new peak, in mean time Tamizh’s Boss Ali bai(Prakash Raj) a Underworld Criminal who comes from Dubai to Tamil Nadu and the rest of the movie evolves around the Characters narrated by the director. Napolean, as a sincere Police officer given a Punch in screenplay.

Basically, Pokiri is an Action-Thriller movie though the story is part of the film but screenplay dominates the whole film. Every character played a prominent role. Though Asin role was minimized but her beauty lingers through out the film. Dance sequence where well coordinated with the Screenplay songs like “Dol Dol” rocks the Kollywood.

Vijay’s fan where happy about the Pokkiri, so we hope for the best.


Verdict : Return of the Upcoming Superstar

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