Review – Perumal

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Star-casts: Sundar C, Meenakshi, Namitha, Vivek, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others.
Production: Srishti Films
Direction: Vincent Selvah
Music: Srikanth Deva

What makes us so elated and despaired being a buff of Tamil Cinema? Obviously, the gleeful part is that there are technicians topping the charts with splendiferous spells. On the pars, it’s more despairing to have certain filmmakers who assume audiences to be five-sensed creatures lacking rational abilities. And, earlier made a point in not getting so keen on marking reviews as none of our works are gonna be with finesse. But then, few flicks stops our resisting abilities and don’t blame us if there are spiting words in this review.

Vincent Selvah could’ve made this film a couple of decades back. But now, it’s really ridiculous watching a cockeyed piece of work.

There aren’t many lines to mark on with synopsis about the film.

Sundar C enacts the role of a driver working for Travel Agency. On his way to Andhra, he finds a house surgeon (Meenakshi) seeking refuge in his car. Sooner, it’s revealed that she has captured the murder committed son (Sudhish) of biggest pharmaceutical tycoon (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Sundar C brings her back to Chennai and has her in his house. As you all know, the climax is all about how our hero smashes down the bullies and saves our missy.

Well, making films based on social injustice has always got good welcome amongst all centres. But the way, one presents it makes us the difference. Vincent Selva fails in making a good work. Sundar C can better put a small break to his acting and continue with his acting. If ‘Thalainagaram’ was good, it was the script and gripping screenplay. Sorry Sundar, we don’t like to watch you uttering punch dialogues, following the traits of actually what the young actors are doing. And then, even their show is a tremendous flop these days.

We don’t wanna touch on the technical aspects. Srikanth Deva can get out of the film industry. He’s sucking down our hatred by copycatting and remixing the best tunes into most pathetic tunes. If you are a fan of Srikanth Deva, just tell us any one particular song that made high waves scored by him.

On the whole, Perumal is a film that shouldn’t be never-ever watch even by out of options. Better watch a film instead for the second time like ‘Alibaba’ or ‘Nayagan’ instead.

Bottom – Line: Unfittest Film accidently released

Verdict: Don’t watch it even offered with free tickets.

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