Review – Periyar

Review – Periyar

Cast : Sathyaraj, Jothirmayi, Kushboo, Manorama and Others
Producer : Liberty Creations
Director : Gnana Rajasekaran
Music : Vidhyasagar

In fact there was a hesitation among the Directors community to make a film based on Periyar, many characterized Periyar as a legend of 21st centaury who dedicated his whole life in combating influence of Upper cast in the society and given a new view about the social life. But still directors and producers are not sure about Periyar, at last a brave heart Director Gnanarajasekaran, who has taken the responsibility of this film on his shoulder and completed the film very successfully in the given time.

Actor Sathyaraj a sincere follower of Periyar acted for this film without getting a single penne. In the direction part Gnanarajasekaran and Cinematographer Thangar Bachan had put there full efforts in making of Periyar.

Director had worked four years to find exact notion about the film Periyar, Director started to narrate the story from adult age, where Periyar seems to be belong to a orthodox family. Ramasamy (Sathyaraj) who later on called as Periyar spend his earlier age with assisting his father. In the course of time Ramasamy’s marriage with Nagammai(Joythirmayi) and subsequent changes in his life changed the life style of Ramasamy, his idea about religion and his tough fight against Social evils taken sharp deviation. When Ramasamy straightly encounter with religious problem. Later on Ramasamy’s interaction with party elites and his social responsibility made Ramasamy to follow the path of atheist, and he fought pitched battle against Brahmins who tried to suppress low class people, keeping religion, caste as a factor.

In addition Ramasamy interaction with congress elites like Rajaji, Gandhiji and his exit from congress party, emergence of new generation like Kamaraj, Karunanidi and M.G.R and his late marriage with Maniamai (Kushboo) was pictured carefully.

Vidyasagar’s background music has live effort on the film, and “Kadavula Kalla” lyrics penned by Vairamuthu was impressive.

The director had carefully framed the story of Periyar, because lot of complexity annexed with Periyar’s idea. At the same time Periyar’s thinking about suppressed people and his innovative of Dravidian movement is still valid in 21st centaury. Now, the young generation was ruined by lots of ideas, where total synergy about home land was spoiled due to westerners. So, Today’s generation should take a note about Periyar in framing their inner personality which will have subsequent effect on society.

By seeing Periyar everyone can realize the heat of the Dravidian movement and the crux of Tamilian who fought for ours.

Verdict : Harbinger of Dravidian Movement

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