Review – Peranmai

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Star-casts: Jeyam Ravi, Roland Kickinger, Vadivelu, Oorvasi, Ponvannan, Dhanushika, Liyashree, Saranya, Varsha (Magha), Vasundhara and others.
Music: Vidhyasagar
Banner: Ayangaran International
Production: Karunamoorthy, Arun Pandian
Direction: SP Jananathan

Looks like it’s a Diwali of disappointments for all the film buffs… With all the releases for this festive season turning down the hopes, there’s nothing much you have to celebrate. When Surya’s ‘Aadhavan’ happens to be a below average film, here’s ‘Peranmai’ letting down us badly.

‘Peranmai’ maybe something special to ‘Jeyam’ Ravi as his previous films with pathetic Telugu remakes. Jananathan has been making films based on socio-commercial genre, from his previous film ‘Ee’. But this film fails to engross the audiences, though filled with such ingredients.

The film is about aliens from foreign country planning to deteriorate the Indian spacecraft ready to take off for a purposeful venture. But there we have our protagonist Dhruva (Ravi), a forest officer hailing from the tribal community is letting hand of training 5 NCC students, brave, bold at heart. But their overnight stay at forest puts them into speculative task of saving the mother earth from the clutches of foreigners.

What follows next are the bizarre incidents of blood and violence on both ends.

Director SP Jananathan requires special mention on certain panoramas. He’s so genuine and proves of his wizardry in bringing us the minute details of forest life. The way to mark your path by bending the branches, elephant’s presence and birds implying the movement of humans is something new to all the audiences.

But stunt sequences are so unbelievable and indeed ridiculous. Roland Kickinger, the fantastic actor of Hollywood who starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and other superstars being beaten down black and blue by ‘Jeyam’ Ravi is petulant. Discrepancies exist a lot in terms of analyzing this film. There are whole lots of good and below mediocre factors predominantly present.

Jeyam Ravi looks stunningly perfect with his physique, but has to work a lot with his intonations. The five hot girls are sizzling and ‘Kadhal’ Saranya tops them all. Oorvasi doesn’t get a scope to perform and ditto to Vadivelu. Ponvannan’s characterization is so flimsy. Likely, OAK Sundar as an IAS officer is a worth laughable comedy.

Musical score by Vidhyasagar isn’t worthy appreciative. He keeps repeating the background score here and there. The final song during climax portion is fantastic. Cinematography by Satish is stunning and mind-boggling. Much specifically, the panoramic shot across the three subjects a shot prior to intermission is awesome.

On the whole, ‘Peranmai’ could’ve been better if Jananathan had let his screenplay writer (Kalyana Krishnan) fine tune the story yet better. Because, there are certain good elements about tribal communities’ problems. But the way it has been projected doesn’t make it intact with film’s movement.

Anyways, we wish Jananathan to come up with a good screenplay from his next film. We are sure, he will not let us down with his exceptional storylines.

Bottom – Line: Goes Up and Down

Verdict: Watch it once