Review – Pattalam

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Star-casts: Nadhiya, Irfan, Guru, and many others.
Banner: Tirupathi Brothers
Production: Lingusamy
Direction: Rohan Krishna
Music: Jassie Gift

If not the film, Rohan Krishna could’ve better watched the trailer of Hindi film ‘Paathshaala’ that’s based on the same theme. The film is got to release somewhere in the mid of April and we’re sure Rohan would feel for not making a flick of that sort. Possibly, we can appreciate Rohan Krishna for adapting his own TV series ‘Kana Kaanum Kaalangal’ into silver screen. But merely, that doesn’t go for a perfect adaptation. A big question that rises in our minds is that can’t he distinguish between a TV Series and a feature film.

Plotline moves nothing different from the ‘Kana Kaanum’ version… Two gangs of youngsters playing pranks on each other, involving in clashes and more. Excuse us! There’s a love-dimensioned tale not so appealing as in ‘Panneer Pushpangal’. Nadhiya, a beautiful teacher as well psychiatrist enters into the campus. As you all know, she deals with their problems that actually most of us faced through our adolescent ages. (Oh My God!! Don’t mistake it be Selvaraghavan’s ‘Thulluvadho Ilamai’ where director revealed his inner most feeling of sexual context and idler thoughts). With attempts of attracting the family audiences, Rohan doesn’t include any of the aspects of obscenity or vulgarity.

Nadhiya doesn’t go for a good performance and we’re really wondering why she should pick such offers. All the times, she’s spotted getting out of the car, walking stylishly. Did Rohan think audiences will keep clapping for these sequences losing their senses. Maybe, before couple of decades back, this idea could’ve worked, but not now Rohan…

Jassie Gift doesn’t suit the space of Tamil music style… He’s always brimming the tunes with Mollywood taste. Better he can make workouts on shifting paradigms. Nothing else to get on about cinematography and editing…. Most of the youngsters as school students do overacting and nothing is appreciable. How can an elderly person’s (Jassie) voice suit for a young boy in school (in songs)… Really absurd!!!

Rohan don’t mistake us, if have made some hard-comments… Your story is excellent as it made high waves as a trendsetting series in history of Tamil Television. But why don’t you craft a gripping narration…

Anyhow, Better Luck Next time…

Bottom – Line: School without teachers

Verdict: Good but below average

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