Review – Pathu Pathu

Actors: Thalaivasal Vijay, Sona, Padma, Bose Venkat, Sanjit, Ashish, Krishna and Sengal Maran
Production: Indian Dream Makers
Story, screenplay, dialogues And direction: Sathyam
Music: L.V.Ganesan
Camera: Sriganesan
Editing : Jayakumar

If there is one big confusing question, it would be what’s the cause for a murder? And the reasons are so simple. Betrayal, Adultery and Frustration are the best probabilities that lead to a murder. You have Mr. Sathyam drawing his film on these lines with suspenseful-thriller means of narration.

In fact, he disapproves of the general theory; success of film depends on the star values that film carries. The film has no such leading actors and it’s the script and screenplay that carry us all throughout sans any distraction.

Churning out flops continuously one after the other doesn’t stop an ambitious filmmaker (Thalaivasal Vijay) from his serious attempts of delivering a hit film. Well, his desires are so commendable, but that’s a big blunder when it comes to his family life. With his entire focus centered on profession, he fails to take care of his beautiful wife (Sona). Son of Thalaivasal Vijay’s friends enters into his house for the stay and there beings the turmoil. Sona and the young lad became so closer and eventually that turns out to be the start off with illegal affair. Situations are complicated when her husband gets to know about it and an idea is shot at Sona’s mind that is to bump off her husband.

At this point you have the filmmaker found dead in a suitcase floating on the Coovam river and a tough cop (Venkat Bose) is assigned to unravel the mystery behind the death. On this process of investigation, he comes across 6 individuals who are somehow expected to be linked with the murder: advocate Padma, pickpocket, funeral dancer, a tall man who comes in the bike, Sona and her illegitimate friend.

The scenes are very well executed with spine chilling sequences and the knot is tied in a gripping manner. Sona does an excellent job with perfection and her sensuous aspects will be attention grabbing for young lads. Her alluring looks has added the best of qualities for the film’s strength and on the equal pars is the good performance by Bose Venkat.

L.V.Ganesan has composed good tunes and his background score offers enhancement of visual feeling. Sathyam does a good work and if he had focused on some of the blatant errors, the film would have been exceeding the expectations.

On the whole, this film implies of good efforts from the director and has a good message for the society that at present is comprised of annoying morals…

Bottom – Line: impressive but not perfect

Verdict: Average

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