Review – Paruthiveeran

Review – Paruthiveeran

Cast : Karthi, Priya Mani, Ponvanan, Saravanan, and Others
Producer : Studio Green
Director : Ameer
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Ameer’s ParuthiVeeran has created lot of expectations around kollywood, at the same time the director has taken full responsibility on his shoulder and completed the movie with great success. Karthik, Actor Surya’s brother is featuring in lead role along with him Priya Mani in stars Opposite him. Music is scored by Yuvan Shankar Rajawere sounds like his fathers tune, is another hallmark of the movie.

Ameer was very keen on making Paruthi Veeran, and ensured there is no overlap of his previous movie Ram. His Previous movie Ram, recognized Ameer’s talent. Initially Ram did not make any progress but later on it was a great success of Ameer’s hard work. Karthik as a debutant, but still he has made lot of efforts to make his acting true, Priya Mani exactly look like a village girl and her charming face keeps the movie fresh and glow.

Paruthi veeran is not hardcore story script, but a simple story line with excellent screenplay is backbone of the film success. The outline of the story is, Veeran (Karthi) is a young and energetic youth moving around the village with his uncle named Chevvazhai, both of them used to be united in doing unlawful means and not afraid of wrong doing. At the same, time Muthazhagu (Priya Mani) and Veeran are childhood friends. Muthazhagu somewhat interested on Veeran, but Muthazhagu’s father (Ponvannan) refuse to accept her love on the ground due to cast reasons. Even Veeran is not that much sure about Muthazhagu’s Love, and fail to understand Muthazhagu’s true love and passion.

Despite her father’s forcefulness, Muthazhagu tries to commit suicide as she is not interested in marriage with other than Veeran, but still Veeran fails to understand crux of Muthazhagu’s love. Now, the director set a twist to get back Veeran to understand Muthazhagu’s love. From here, the love starts between Veeran and Muthazhagu.

In every love story, Love will be the ending point, but director Ameer has tried differently and put the love in starting position, which has never tried in the screenplay of Kolllywood history.

Behind the screen are Ramji’s camera works which captures the beauty of the village, and stunt master Rajashekar, has done a commendable job regarding the fight sequence. At the outset Paruthi Veeran, will be a great success for Karthik for his future roles.


Verdict : Daring attempt by the Director

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